“I Got The Job!” Package

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“I Got The Job!” Package includes:

FREE Lifetime Updates for Everything!

Everything you need for rocking your job as a Sorority Mom!



"I Got The Job!" - Everything you need for rocking your job as a Sorority Mom!

FREE Lifetime Updates for Everything!




The House Director's Survival Guide

eBook: Download PDF or Print - 113 pages

Sorority Mom's #1 Manual: This is the ultimate, basic, complete, and thorough guide to finding your dream job and keeping it! 

If you're not sure whether or not this job is for you, then this is the one book you need to read for sure. It will also be money very well spent if it keeps you from taking a job that you aren't suited for. You'll get a real sense of this field. So, if you gravitate towards the job after reading the book, or decide it's not for you, you can't lose! You're actually ahead either way.

Making a career change is a big step. Make this book part of your job research!

For the thousands and thousands of women who have chosen this career for the past hundred years or so, it was a very good choice. "The Sorority House Director's Survival Guide" can help you decide for yourself. The rest of us learned by trial and error. But you don't have to!


“Without a doubt, this book is a must if you are exploring a career as a sorority mom. The author gives you clear and succinct insider secrets that will pave the way for success as a newcomer to this business.

As someone who had never heard of this career path before, after reading this book I would most definitely know what to do!”

Sendra D., Texas


“I have been a sorority advisor for many years. This is an excellent book to give our house directors. I highly recommend it. I think the menu planner should be in every sorority kitchen.”

Lori L., Virginia


“I’m a baby boomer with a mom at retirement age. She still wants to work. This is a great idea for her to look at. The book gives good advice. Having the other books that give help to find the jobs is really great.”

Kent W., Washington 



A School Year of Sorority Menus + Weekly Menu Templates

eBook: Download PDF or Print - 83 pages

TEMPLATES: Download PDF & Editable WORD File 

This very helpful book has a comically long title for a reason. It’s an inside joke among House Directors, and after you read it, you’ll see why. It’s unofficially named “How to Feed a Sorority House Without Sprouting Feathers (by not relying too much on chicken)! 

Buy the full eBook, "A School Year's Worth of Sorority Menu Suggestions: The Official Sorority Menu Planner and Food Service Guide," and use our Weekly Sorority Menu templates that come FREE with this eBook.

  • Want to eat well this year?
  • Want to have a happy bunch of young women?
  • Don't let a lack of appealing menus become a sore point! 
  • Repetition and too much chicken will do that.

Part of the appeal of sorority life is having communal meals centered around freshly-prepared food. This book was written in direct response to the many comments and complaints House Directors field about the food and cooks in their houses. Food has a big impact on morale. Preparing nutritious menus for a diverse group of young women in this age group has gotten ever-more challenging for cooks. That’s why we’re giving you our tried and true choices. Food trends will continue to evolve, but this will give you a good baseline.

Please realize that this is not a recipe book. Your kitchen should be stocked with plenty of cookbooks designed for cooking for crowds.

This is a menu guide for the entire year, full of food suggestions that work. It’s something you can share with your cook to help her/him out. Or use it yourself if you’re responsible for planning the menus. Believe us when we say that this gets to be a huge chore week after week. Save yourself time and aggravation. Make planning and ordering easy, and delicious.

Included in this book are lots of food service tips. And you’ll find practical advice for working with each member of the kitchen staff, and a description of their duties.

You need to know all of this whether you’re a new House Director, or already have on-the-job experience. Dealing with food service in one way or another is a big part of your job!

You can edit your sample menu templates with the included .doc file or copy ideas from the PDF.



Common Eating Disorders Among Young Women & College Girls

eBook: Download PDF or Print - 25 pages

This is a very challenging topic, for sure. While you are not a counselor trained to deal with these emotional issues, we found it necessary to address them in a general, compassionate way. You live with a large number of young women under your roof, on their own for the first time in a high-pressure world. Food is a constant presence in the sorority house. This booklet will help you be mindful of the symptoms that may exist. You are not responsible for treating them. This information guides you as to the best support to offer young women who might be struggling. 



Daily Planner

381 pages (print what you want)

eBook: Download PDF or Print

This is a download that includes more than a calendar for each day. Each month begins with an overview for planning the next four weeks. Sorority life is busy with many activities to juggle – plus you have your own life to keep track of simultaneously. Don’t get caught by surprise when multiple events stack up. Stay on track with our Daily Planner.



Finance & Medical Planners

16 pages & 9 pages (print what you want)

eBook: Download PDFs or Print

The Medical Planner and Finance Planner keep things organized and handy. Track appointments, health directives, account logins and more using the templates in the planners. In case an emergency should arise, our Medical and Finance Planners help things go smoother. You may have moved far from family members while on the job during the school year, so make sure someone local could step in because you’ve prepared everything in advance.



Monthly Gratitude Journal

37 pages (print what you want)

eBook: Download PDF or Print

This Gratitude Journal lasts for a month, guiding you through various aspects of gratitude empowering your life. How often do we think we’ll remember the small and big good moments? Keeping track of them becomes a tsunami of good when you look back over the month. Print a new one each month to stay focused on the positive, especially during challenges.


FREE Lifetime Updates for Everything!

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