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Why Choose This Career?

Top 10 Reasons to Be a Sorority Mom


What are the Top 10 Reasons Older, Single Women Should Consider Being a Sorority House Director?


  1. You want a job where being older is an advantage, not a liability.
  2. You don’t have adult children to live with OR you have adult children but don’t want to live with them, or they don’t want you to live with them.
  3. You like earning a salary, but not paying for rent, or a mortgage, property tax, or saving up for a new roof.
  4. You’ve daydreamed about being the manager of a small hotel.
  5. You’re adventurous and want to try living in different parts of the US, and maybe Canada.
  6. You enjoy the cultural activities that a university provides.
  7. You get a kick out of living among the age group that is in transition from late adolescence to young adult.
  8. You’ve always wondered what life is like behind the façade and stereotype of a sorority house.
  9. You are calm in the midst of high drama (well, it is a women’s world from top to bottom)!
  10.  You value your independence, freedom, and security.

Steps to Get Hired

Prepare for the Job

Is becoming a Sorority Mom right for you?
Our FAQs give an overview and read our manuals for an inside look. Prepare/research what this unique job requires first. Read The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide.That’s why we wrote it! Read positive interviews we’ve linked to here.

Reply with Your Resume

Post your resume and reply to job ads. Make sure your resume is up to date. We’ve prepared a lot of tips geared specifically to writing the correct resume and cover letter for this job. Find them here – Use them! The goal is to get an interview.

Interview & Hire

Congrats on getting your interview! An entire chapter of The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide covers the interview process, — before, during and afterwards. Don’t blow it by being unprepared. We’re rooting for you!