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We’ve helped thousands of mature, single women find Sorority House Director Jobs as your trusted resource since 2006.

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We’ve helped thousands of mature, single women find Sorority House Director Jobs as your trusted resource since 2006.

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Welcome, Ladies! This D.I.Y. job site has ONE purpose…

Helping House Directors Succeed

Sorority Mom = Ideal Career for Single, Mature Women

Dear friend,

Are you about to reenter the job market, or are you wanting to switch careers? Are you concerned about lack of job experience? Have you retired, but want to stay active and earn additional income? Do you love your independence? Then you’ve come to the dedicated site that will support you!

Mona MeyersThis DIY job site has ONE purpose – bringing together women who are looking for sorority jobs with those who are hiring! We’re here to help, though this isn’t a job placement service. We remember what’s like to start off from scratch and want it to be easier for you.

Thousands of women are serving in House Director positions now – and have for 150 years. And yet it remained a hidden career until this website went public in 2006. It’s a perfect second career, even if you’ve recently retired. Adventurous, too? Then you’re among friends. 

Learn how to be a successful Sorority Mom (or maybe a Fraternity Mom) through our job-specific resources. You’ll find everything you need to be successful in this job! We’ve lived — and proven — what we’ve written.

Welcome to the SororityMom website, and a potential new career for you!


A Happy Sorority Mom,

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Mona O. Meyers
“Helping House Directors Succeed”


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