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Why Is This Service FREE for House Moms?

Since 2006, it’s been FREE for women to upload their resumes for employers to consider them for open House Director positions. Our founder’s mission has always been “Helping House Directors Succeed” and this one of the ways we do that.

Why SororityMom’s Free Resume Service Was Born


Way back when, one of the big service vendors who supplies sororities and frats across the country, tried offering a page for prospective House Director candidates to post their resumes. It was a great idea, especially because the vendors know where openings are wherever they have clients, which is the majority of Houses at a university. Housemoms and cooks tend to chat with the guy who delivers the food and lightbulbs each week. So the vendors are in the know! 


But a page like that featuring Housemother resumes required constant monitoring — which they must not have had time for or figured into the equation. So much junk got posted on it by hackers. It was filled with porn promoters who found it and had fun making awful posts between women’s resumes. It was not secure. It destroyed the credibility of the site and made it impossible for real candidates to be taken seriously. Granted, this was back in ’01. Nothing happened on it since. 


That’s why SororityMom made a place for you all to post your resumes for FREE! We witnessed that embarrassing disaster. And at the time, the only online job search was If women had never heard of this career, they didn’t even know to search for it. So, we got started on the resume feature in 2006 to make a difference for all of us.


Ladies, are your resumes ready?


Read valuable tips for updating your resume.



Have you gotten your resumes up to snuff? Nudge, nudge.  

There is a lull in the fall and winter before the busy hiring season gets underway in late February/March. Take advantage of it! It may not be your favorite thing in the world to do, however, you must have an up-to-date resume. You know you must have a resume, right? Have you started it? 

Check out helpful hints for updating your resume before you post your resume on our website. And when a job opens up, you’ll need to apply quickly with your resume. Time is ticking away! Let us help you get ready to update your resume now!

Sorority Mom Resume Tips

Guide for Updating Your Resume


To get the job you want, you need to get the interview…

How do you get the interview?


Over the decades and many job placements, our founders updated their resumes many times. We learned how to highlight applicable skills to stand out among other applicants. The hardest part was initially putting the resumes together after years of being a stay-at-home provider. So, let’s ask that question again…have you been procrastinating – even avoiding – writing your resume?


To help you out, we offer a complete “Resume/Cover Letter Guideline” with insider tips – including samples – tailored specifically to this job. This “Resume Guide” is also included in the full House Director Manual book. A professional resume is your first step to getting a better job and a better life in the sorority world.  It’s used as your job application and the first impression that potential employers have of you. So read more to learn how to make your House Director resume get chosen!

If writing your resume seems like an overwhelming task to you, Sorority can help!


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Sample Resume & Cover Letter

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How to Write a Great Resume


How to Make a Great House Director Resume

Tips For Updating Your Resume



Make sure your name and contact info are current. *If you are seeking a job out of your area, there’s a section in our full guide about tailoring your resume for different locations. 

Job Experience

List your previous employment. It may not be best to list them chronologically since many Sorority Moms are transferring in from a different career.


Being a House Director is like wearing many hats. Besides managerial skills, mentioning if you’re computer proficient, bilingual, or have your own car can be added here. We have a full list in our guide of the best skills to add to your resume.

Gaps in the Workforce

We personally know what it’s like to be out of the workforce for many years, and then have to “relaunch” our careers. How do you account for the “lost years” on your resume? Are you wondering how to structure the resume correctly? Making it look “correct” dramatically increases your chances of winning that interview.

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How to Submit Your Resume

 Walk Thru Videos 

1. Upload Resume to House Director Database for Employers

2. Apply to House Director Job(s) with Resume


When Does Hiring Season Start?


Hiring season in the sorority world is intense in the spring!! The Boards love to have final decisions made before the end of their school year. It’s really a very short time frame when the dominoes begin to fall – when one House Mother gives her resignation, her position becomes open…another jumps to get it, leaving her position open…and on it goes. 


Of course, if that hiring timing doesn’t work out, then sororities must continue their search over the summer. It can slow down for a while with everyone leaving campus. They will be highly motivated to get new Directors in place a couple of weeks before their university or college resumes. But that can be anywhere from early August to mid-September. Sometimes you get the offer late — so stay flexible if you can. 


It can be a long process in searching for the right person if it didn’t happen during the intense period from March-June. Make sure your resume is updated year-round and check for jobs regularly.

My Resume is Done! Now What?

Check Job Board

Submit your resume to our database so employers to find you first! The Job Board is continually updated and available House Director positions can be filled fast. Make sure you regularly check our job board.

Reply to Job Ads

Post your resume and reply to job ads. Make sure your resume is up to date. We’ve prepared a lot of tips geared specifically to writing the correct resume and cover letter for this job. Find them here – Use them! The goal is to get an interview.

Interview & Hire

Congrats on getting your interview! An entire chapter of The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide covers the interview process, — before, during and afterwards. Don’t blow it by being unprepared. We’re rooting for you!