Why Choose A Career as a House Director?

Mar 25, 2023 | SororityMom.com

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Are you a mature single woman, looking for work and adventure, and would love to live rent-free with a cook, maid, and gardener? Sounds awesome, right?!

Let us share this little-known job opportunity that you may not have heard of. Yet, it’s a job where your capable experience is really valued in this day and age! Being a Sorority House Director will provide you with all this PLUS a lively college town with lots of activities.

It’s the hidden career that women of a certain age have enjoyed for more than a 125 years. Read through Sororitymom.com to learn more about the job. Watch our webinar https://sororitymom.com/free-resources/

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We’ve helped thousands of women. It’s a sisterhood from the young to…the wise.

Looking for a job after retirement, this can be a tailor-made, second career for you. It was somewhat hidden until sororitymom.com opened up the possibilities for women just like you. Consider becoming a Sorority House Director! We’ve helped  women succeed for 17 years, just like you!