Sorority Mom Can Help Boomer Women

Hello friend,

It makes us happy to share this short informative webinar with you about a career you may not have heard of before. held a series of live online webinars to introduce this job to Boomer women. Just when you might be wondering about finding work suitable for this later chapter in life, we thought you should know about this job. It has been a game-changer for many women for about 150 years or so. That was the reason a Sorority House Director created the site and wrote helpful ebooks for women just like her…you!

Now, the funny thing about this particular video is the slides began advancing somewhat crazily on their own – but when you’re live in front of an audience, not much you can do but laugh while dealing with it. So, sit back with a smile as we introduce you to the possibility of becoming a Sorority House Director in 35 minutes.

If you want to explore this career further, you’ll find everything you need at It’s the only free DIY website dedicated to helping mature single women find a second (or third) career. “Helping House Directors Succeed” has been our motto since 2006!

Sorority Mom Team