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Jul 13, 2022 |

Best Job for Women Over 55

Independent, single, mature — do these adjectives describe you?

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Searching for a job right now as an independent, single, mature woman ?

If you’re seeking a job that checks off a lot of personal boxes for you, then the team at created a webinar/video that answers the four biggest questions:

  1. Who is the Sorority House Director?
  2. What does this job entail?
  3. Where is the job?
  4. How do you get the job?

Of course, in a 35-minute informational video, you won’t learn everything about this job. But if you’ve never heard of it before and its appeal to older women, let us introduce this hidden career to you.

Age is a Positive Factor

Actually, you might be 50 — 55 — 60 — 65! There’s no age limit. Isn’t that refreshing…and rather shocking? As one of the best jobs for older women, your maturity is a PLUS and gives you access. You owe it to yourself to check into this option. It may not be the right move for you now, but tuck it in as a future possibility.

If there’s anything we’ve learned at this point in life, change is rather a constant. No need to fear it when you know becoming a House Director is a good option just about anywhere you want to live in the US.

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Here’s the link to watch the video.