The Job Begins with a Big Rush!

Aug 23, 2022 |

What does the Sorority House Director do during Recruitment week?

College freshman during Rush, hoping to be chosen by the sorority of their choice

Rush is exactly what the word sounds like — a big rush and intense whoosh for everybody. Okay, we confess, we’re rather old school and still like to call this event “Rush.” We know the correct term is “Recruitment,” which actually describes what the event is about. But, for House Directors and girls, Rush-ing around is what we do to start off the school year. You don’t even have a moment to get know each other before madness descends!

The school year starts off with such a big push for sororities. Besides being students and having to take care of a college student’s business, starting sorority life at the beginning of the year is quite demanding for the young women.  But you are not part of the actual process of interviewing prospects to join the House. All of that is on the girls to conduct. They will tear the living room apart, paint posters, practice skits and songs endlessly. They’ll be up late into the night discussing the new college girls they’ll have met every hour during the day. Just have plenty of snacks available to keep them going.

The Phantom House Director

Meanwhile, you’re staying out of sight, making sure kitchen staff is discreetly keeping pitchers filled with lemon water. Lunch during Rush will be served cold so there aren’t any smells wafting through the downstairs, unless the cook has been asked to bake cookies. Every House has its traditions.

Rush is a highly orchestrated event, rife with rules that must be followed precisely. But again, that’s not for you to provide enforcement. That’s imposed from above. While you may not be “in the know,” the girls do know the rules. They’re being observed. They’ll get penalized for violations.

Before Rush starts…

When you first arrive on the job, it might seem calm. You meet staff, who come in a week before the girls leadership team returns…and does the House ever sparkle for a day or two. You may be overseeing unfinished maintainence work, needing to wind up all the summer remodeling projects. Once the girls arrive, barely anything gets done. And then once Rush begins, they do not want workmen in the House.

Then BOOM…scores of girls and all their belongings descend at once. And that’s when equipment breakdowns begin. It seems that a House Director can spend all her time calling for repairmen and waiting for them to show up during Recruitment. It doesn’t matter how well you took care of all that in the summer. 

Life After Rush

So once you’re past that intensity with all its madness, dear new House Director, you’ll be glad to know that life will then settle into the day-to-day activities associated with college life and being students. It’s busy, don’t misunderstand the point. And young people on their own for the first time will be dealing with a myriad of issues. But after Rush, you’re just holding things together with a steady calmness and unfailing wisdom (don’t laugh!).

Such is the busy life of a House Director at the very beginning of the year! The good thing is, we know it will settle into a routine before long.

Oh, BTW, none of this is happening over at the fraternities! While the girls are locked inside their houses, the guys are strolling casually about. Their recruitment is pretty easy. C’mon in, look around, have some chips, play a video game.

Rush From the Girls’ POV

Since you aren’t a part of Rush, and we can’t divulge much, you might like reading this article ahead of time to get prepared. You’ll be glad you’re the one in the background after these two former sisters share the rituals in a frank manner