Dec 3, 2022 | SororityMom.com

Mugs for Sorority House staff need to be in the mail by April 28!

That gives you two weeks before the big day!

There’s never been a better opportunity to get a sorority house gift for your cooks, housekeepers, and gardeners to honor their service. They keep the House running!

Cooking Makes Me Happy
Gardening Makes Me Happy
Cleaning Makes Me Happy

Your Board members will enjoy a thank you gift, too, for all the volunteer hours they devote to the sorority. Truly, the unsung, unpaid heroines of the whole operation!

Leadership Makes Me Happy

You can buy a meaningful gift for a small price that will bring smiles for years to come! These mugs are designed for House Directors to give to those you work closely with. It’s simple, saves you lots of fruitless searching, and lets you give a gift that keeps on giving! And best of all, even the mailing is taken care of for you.

But you need to act now, as Santa’s elves don’t start making the special order mugs until you, well, order them! And then, you know what a frenzy holiday mailing and delivery is. Act today!

Buying a mug supports this website for all women

As you know, here at SororityMom.com we love to help you succeed in your job. And the special tribute you send to your staff members also keeps this website operational! Two good deeds for one price.

That’s the spirit benefiting our entire circle.

Thank you for helping us keep the website available since 2006.

With the opportunity to make mugs and ornaments when the orders actually come in, we don’t have to maintain a big inventory. Or run to the post office at this time of year. We love taking advantage of technology to make it a win-win situation for us all.

Head over to the SororityMom Etsy Shop

While mugs for House Directors are offered here on the SororityMom.com website, the mugs for staff are at our little Etsy store. We are a very small business, catering to the needs of sororities looking for gifts for those who take care of them. That’s it!

SororityMomShop on Etsy

Happy spring to everyone living under your big sorority roof!