Moms, How Was Your Halloween on Campus?

Nov 3, 2023 |

College girls still love Halloween!

Sororities Create Their Own Holiday Traditions

We were cheering the efforts of sorority houses on a row to get into Halloween, providing treats for the neighborhood kids. It’s fun to see these “big” kids get into the spirit of an event that’s all about being a kid. It’s just fine for them to hold on to a bit of childhood on this fun day of the year.

These 18 and 19 year-olds are really just kids themselves, even while they’re relishing their first taste of being on their own, separate from parents and making their own decisions. It’s sweet to encourage the expressions of innocence that’s often buried under layers of makeup and sophisticated clothing. That’s why House Directors can enjoy Halloween a little more each year, watching these young women tap into the fun of the season.

Other Than That, How’s Your Fall Been?

Usually we’re enjoying a breather after a couple of hectic months launching into the school year.

Blessedly, not much to write about in the fall. Sorority life is about the same as it is every year — there’s a definite rhythm. Things are actually fairly calm from a House Mom’s point of view, although probably not to the uninitiated eye. Maybe that’s the issue!

For the girls, classes are in full swing. Can you believe Thanksgiving break is just around the corner? Hopefully you’ll be planning to take some time away. Usually, House Directors work without taking a break, even though most have a built-in weekend away in their contracts.

Why House Directors Must Take a Thanksgiving Break

So yes, it might be nice to think you’d be able to hang around a quiet house for the long weekend. But if you’re there in the house, you’ll have some girls asking to keep you company who decide not to go home. So, make sure you set some boundaries. You won’t have staff maintaining order or cooking. While the girls believe they won’t make any messes and will eat out, don’t fall for it.

Go watch the new movie that just came out: The HOLDOVERS! It’s about this topic — kids who are stuck at boarding school over the holidays with an unhappy teacher.

As the old jingle used to remind us, “You deserve a break (today).” So start making plans to take it! And let everyone know you’ll be locking up the house because you’ll be GONE.