It’s Graduation Season – Time to Look for the New Job!

Jun 10, 2023 |

group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air

It started in mid-May — colleges and universities closing down for the summer after graduating the seniors.

What does that mean for you looking for a House Director job?

If a sorority HD gave her notice in the spring, chances are that Board got busy looking for her replacement for fall. After all, the volunteer Board will go on summer vacation, too.


It’s like a domino effect — once a House Director gets hired at a new house, she’ll give notice at her old one. They then need to get busy on their seach, which may have come up unexpectedly. Generally, a House Director won’t breathe a word that she’s looking for a new sorority job until she secures it.

This can go on all summer as experienced House Directors move into openings, leaving behind their present sorority job.

This is why it’s hard to predict where the job openings will be.

The most predictable thing we can say is that those openings happening at this time of year are being filled before everyone leaves campus if possible.

After that push, the hiring pace can slow down because the Board members have scattered or it feels like they have a couple of months to look before campus starts up again.


Don’t give up because you aren’t hearing back from prospective houses! The applications may stack up. Sometimes it will take the looming deadline of school reopening that will suddenly spur hiring. Be ready!

That’s the best advice we can give — you’re ready to go if the call comes.

So use this time to read up on the job. Put your affairs in order. Get your car tuned up. Know what you will put into storage. Fill out our journals covering your personal information while you’ve got the time.

If you get hired last minute, it will be a rush to move to your new job. So be ready — ready to say yes, I can be there!

Know about the job!