Daylight Savings Time, Spring Renewal, and a New Job for You

Mar 10, 2023 |

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Get ready to apply as a Sorority House Director

Have you been feeling that it’s time for you to make a change? A new job perhaps?

If you’re thinking that you want a new job in the Sorority World, then this is the time to prepare! March is the beginning of hiring season, believe it or not!

Spring break marks the end of winter, winter semester, and everyone starts turning toward the last day of the school year.

It may seem to be 2-3 months away in May or June, but time speeds up after spring break! While the college girls will be feeling it, so will Sorority House Directors and House Boards.

The first women who know they’ll be leaving their House Director jobs will begin submitting resignations. Boards will be anxious to get interviews completed before the school year ends if at all possible.

(Just so you know, hiring wil go on in the summer, too, as it’s dependent on women in existing House Director jobs giving notice. But the push will be to fulfill positions before the girls leave for the long summer break).

Are you ready to interview?

Do you have your resume prepared — targeted for this particular job?

Have you researched the job? That’s why we’re here at SororityMom, ready to jump in to help you!

Read the most important guide first to see if you really want this job: The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide! Real life experiences shared about the job, living with young women 24/7, being self-reliant as a mature single woman managing a large household.

It would be to your advantage to read up about feeding a large house of hungry girls who are on every diet invented before you step foot into a new job!

The Board of Directors will be relieved that you are knowledgable about managing a budget and menus. That book’s a fast read, but you will go into the interview confident.

This is the season, ladies, to do your homework

Check this website for job openings, of course. Respond with your resume that you’ve already thoughtfully prepared (one page!).

But be proactive, too. Pick up our Directories that shows colleges and locations where you can find Sorority House Director jobs.

Speed up your search, as not every campus in the US has sororities living in their own houses. Lots of tips are included as to how to find local job vacancies in this world if you’ve never heard of it before.

If you’re serious about the job, spring into Spring ready to go

You don’t know when an interview may come up!

The adult women on the House Board are volunteers, busy in their own professions.

When they clear their schedules to address hiring a new House Director, you need to be ready. You may even be asked to fly in as a final choice. That is not the time to begin a rushed research job!

Instead, it’s the time to feel assured, and get your nails done in preparation for the big meeting. Take care of being a good interviewee because your homework is already done well.

That’s what you should be doing now.

All this action needs to get started NOW!

Here’s your HOMEWORK toward becoming a Sorority House Director: Read up on the job all you can. Watch the video on this site about the job. Write your resume. Post your resume here on

March is the season. Your new Sorority House Director job is the reason.



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Okay, let’s first address that term “mature!” It’s not an insult. This job is not for inexperienced young women. But you probably don’t want to read “older” women, although that’s who fits the job description perfectly. Ah, but what is “older” these days?! Forty to seventy-five? If you fall anywhere in that age category, this job is for you.

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