Celebrate Back-to-School with Free SororityMom Giveaways!

Jul 18, 2022 | SororityMom.com

A new SororityMom Journal given each week – 5 Giveaways in all

As August approaches, Sorority House Directors who work at colleges and universities that have an early start begin to think about returning to work — or beginning a new job for the first time. Let’s celebrate you!

What a summer it’s been for women! We needed to calm down. One technique to accomplish that is coloring and doodling to get your mind in a different space (the gym, walking, yoga and meditation help, too). There’s a reason coloring books for adults continue to be a growing market. So we’ve got our own coloring therapy for you!

And for this week only it’s FREE!

This coloring book for women features motivational quotes from seven inspirational women: Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg, Marie Curie, Arianna Huffington, Iyanla Vanzant, and Oprah Winfrey.

You may not feel artistic, but connecting to paper with colored pencils or markers moves you into the “zone.”  It’s not just about relaxation, but that action accesses clarity and other types of thinking — that you reach by doing an activity with your hands. Frankly, it just feels good! Enjoy making a page with your morning coffee. You could sneak a finished one onto the House hallway bulletin board for inspiration each month! The girls will think you’re rather special.

Celebrating Back-to-School For Five Weeks

After this week, check back to read the blog each Monday and pick up the next free SororityMom journal. It will be available to download for one week. Each journal is a product that will benefit you from the SororityMom Shop on the website. We’re giving these away before school starts so you have time to fill them out. And quite frankly, we want to get you in the habit of visiting the SororityMom website. So this is your reward for stopping by!

Have a wonderful back-to-school opening up of the Sorority House for the new school year. And when you can, RELAX!

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SororityMom’s Coloring Book – Summer of Women!