Thinking About a New Job Next Year?


Ladies, if you’re seriously thinking of making a career switch, the time is ticking away for landing a Sorority House Director job. I know, it’s May. The weather is starting to get lovely as you enjoy longer spring days. It might seem like you don’t have to be taking any action right now. But it’s the opposite! You’ll want to be ready to hop into the process when the job openings start popping up.

Your Resume’s Job is to Get an Interview

Even though you might prefer to picnic at the park instead, work on your resume and cover letter now, no matter how lovely the day outside. Follow the suggestions on the SororityMom website that have worked for so many women getting those House Director jobs. Then put the docs aside for awhile; polish them up over the next few weeks. But don’t wait too long. Post your resume on so you can be found! Remember, it’s free to use, courtesy of Lorna who built the original website (don’t forget to read her origin story).

Hiring Season Ends When the New School Year Begins

While the hiring season began in March for sorority House Director positions, jobs will still need to get filled this summer. It’s rather like dominos. Once one House Mom gives notice and another woman takes that job, then it opens up her position. That’s why you need to have your resume ready! The need to fill a vacant House Mom position can happen all of a sudden. The hiring process can then gear up quickly at a particular sorority, especially the closer it gets to the beginning of the new school year. Remember, this job for single mature women begins when the college or university starts back up. That differs from region to region. But essentially, all the hiring will be done by August/September.

Be Strategic, Plan Ahead

If you’re determined to move to a certain location, then you’ll definitely want to begin laying your groundwork now for next year. That could mean taking any job opening this year to gain experience. Or it could mean waiting and laying the groundwork methodically. That way you’ll be ready when/if an opening comes at any time. You may see job postings come up unexpectedly during the year. Be the one who is available. Be ready to move, Ladies!