Wisdom's Wellspring
September 14, 2020
Havana, Florida (FL)
Job Type



POSITION SUMMARY:  This is a highly responsible live-in residential position requiring emotional maturity. Provides and maintains supervision and support services to residents in our women’s home, ensuring compliance with the Wisdom's Wellspring Residential handbook. Coordinates and cooperates with other key staff to ensure that all residential services are performed in keeping with performance expectations.

While the incumbent in this position may be employed or in school, she is expected to be available for interactions, meetings, and communication with residents and available to attend other meetings and/or events, at a minimum of  20 hours per week in addition to overnight requirements. She is also expected to keep the Executive Director and other key staff informed on residence activities, needs, and issues.




  • Christian and emotional maturity and leadership skills demonstrated through employment or volunteer work
  • Commitment to Wisdom’s Wellspring mission, program requirements, values, and virtues
  • Commitment to and a track record of fostering professional working relationships with colleagues, clients, and/or volunteers.


Highly Desirable:


  • Two years of experience in a helping profession, which can be paid, internship, or volunteer work. An undergraduate degree in Social Work or its equivalent can substitute for work experience.
  • Experience in managing budgets (work or household) and/or managing resources
  • Experience (paid or unpaid) working with marginalized or underserved populations



  • Oversee residents’ compliance with the Resident Handbook guidelines.
  • Ensures compliance with Wisdom's Wellspring’s Safety Procedures.
  • Coordinates effectiveness of program goals with Executive Director and Mentor Coordinator.
  • Schedules and oversees household maintenance tasks, and conducts regular inspections to ensure residence is clean and orderly at all times.
  • Randomly and periodically inspects residents’ lockers in the presence of residents to ensure no alcohol, tobacco or other prohibited materials are stored in these spaces.
  • Maintains records and provides oral and written reports as may be applicable.
  • RD ensures the Executive Director is made aware of operational or resident issues timely.  This is especially important in circumstances involving a resident’s absence, serious conflicts between residents, or violations of Resident Handbook provisions.
  • Schedules and conducts house meetings at least twice monthly and communicates with Executive Director any issues or concerns discussed at these meetings.
  • Establishes weekly regular meetings with residents to address their concerns, provide encouragement, and advice/counsel as needed.
  • Mediate conflicts between residents as needed.
  • Performs all duties in keeping with Performance Expectations as set forth in the Performance Expectations document.

Compensation and Hourly Requirements:   This is a live-in residential position with a minimum of 20 hours per week (in addition to overnight requirements) with provision of furnished private living, bedroom and bath combination, food, and utilities, at an estimated value of $15,000 per year.  No pets or children are permitted at the facility. No benefits are provided.

Please submit a Resume with References and Cover Letter by October 5th to:

Ms. Pam King

Wisdom’s Wellspring

PO Box 183

Havana, FL 32333

Or Contact@wisdomswellspring.org