University of Washington Sorority
May 8, 2014
Job Type


Sorority House Director
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Available 2014/2015 School Year
Application Deadline: 5pm, Friday, May 16th

Position: House Director
Classification: Exempt / Salaried / Full Time
Reports to: House Corporation
Supervises: Kitchen Manager, Prep Cooks, Kitchen Assistants
16,000 sq ft Chapter House with 85 live-in members

General duties of the House Director

Facilitate adherence to all rules & regulations as they apply to housing:
1. Become familiar with university, city, and Sorority (international and local) housing rules and regulations.
2. Cooperate with the chapter, Executive Council, ADVISORS and HOUSE CORPORATION in ensuring the enforcement of those rules.
oThe role of the HOUSE DIRECTOR is to report violations to the CHAPTER PRESIDENT, HOUSE MANAGER or ADVISORS, as appropriate.
o It is up to the chapter to hold members accountable.

Be present and available to the chapter and its members:
1. Be present in the house every night when chapter members are present.
2. If personal business requires that the HOUSE DIRECTOR be away all night, arrangements for a substitute must be approved by a member of ADVISORS or the HOUSE CORPORATION in advance.
3. Refrain from making personal engagements that necessitate being away from the chapter house on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings unless permission has been granted by ADVISORS.
4. Arrange reasonable off-duty times to ensure personal privacy and let chapter members know which times are reserved as private time.
5. Inform the HOUSE MANAGER and/or CHAPTER PRESIDENT of plans.
6. Be available to assist a member with an illness or personal problem if requested by that member. The HOUSE DIRECTOR should not involve herself in the personal affairs of a member, but she may be available to act as a wise, mature friend. If warranted, she may encourage the member to seek medical aid or professional help.

Act as an official hostess in the following situations:
1. Serve as hostess at scheduled meals, teas, and other social events held at the chapter house unless excused or represented by a substitute approved in advance by the Chairman or other member of ADVISORS. Inform the HOUSE MANAGER and/or CHAPTER PRESIDENT of plans.
2. Be gracious and well groomed in the chapter house at all times, maintaining a proper air of dignity.
3. Set an example to members in the development/reinforcement of social courtesies.
4. Meet the chapterâ€s guests and ensure their comfort.
5. Learn the names of residents and frequent visitors. (A composite or yearbook can be helpful.)
6. Meet as many local alumnae members as possible.
7. Meet with visiting international officers, Regional Specialists and Leadership Development Consultants to present her view of the conditions of the house and chapter.

Coordinate with the chapter to ensure support of chapter operations and activities:
1. Maintain a comprehensive calendar of chapter activities that impact house operations and HOUSE DIRECTOR Duties.
2. Meet with ADVISORS and Executive Council for reports and recommendations.
3. Attend all-house meetings as required to address housing issues and offer suggestions for the improvement of house conditions and operations. The HOUSE DIRECTOR does not participate in regular chapter meetings.
4. Attend Parents†Club meetings as requested, if the chapter has such a club.
5. Read the Fraternityâ€s quarterly magazine, The Arrow.
6. Assist the HOUSE CORPORATION or ADVISORS and the chapter HOUSE MANAGER in completing the Chapter Facilities Report, which is submitted to Sorority Headquarters by November 1st of each year.
7. Maintain confidentiality with respect to any and all chapter and personal affairs, remaining loyal to the chapter and individual members and at all times.

Foster relations with University officials as well as other House Directors and HOUSE CORPORATIONs:
1. Be familiar with university and Fraternity literature for HOUSE DIRECTORs.
2. Attend meetings of campus HOUSE DIRECTORs if such an organization exists.

House management and kitchen duties
The HOUSE DIRECTOR may be assigned the responsibility of supervising the operations and maintenance of the entire physical plant as outlined by the HOUSE CORPORATION Board and the ADVISORS. The following are duties that may be expected of a HOUSE DIRECTOR; these should be agreed upon mutually.

House Management Responsibilities
1. Train and supervise employees in accord with university, chapter and HOUSE CORPORATION policies.
2. Verify bills and give them to the VPF or HOUSE CORPORATION for payment.
3. Arrange for house cleaning, maintenance and repairs. All repairmen should be escorted to private areas of the facility.
4. Supervise maintenance of the house and grounds.
5. Assist with the opening and closing of the house at the beginning and end of school sessions/vacations. Inform University or Panhellenic personnel of the open/closed status of the house in accord with university policy.
6. Maintain an inventory of house equipment and furniture when requested by HOUSE CORPORATION.
7. Supervise the securing of the house at night in accordance with chapter house rules.
8. Contact the ADVISORS and HOUSE CORPORATION in case of fire, other damage or theft.
9. Maintain a list by name, location, and telephone number of maintenance and emergency repair personnel.
10. Maintain a list of police, fire and other emergency telephone numbers.
11. Familiarize herself with the Safety & Security Guide for Sorority Facilities, which can be obtained from the HOUSE MANAGER.
12. Familiarize herself with Sorority Emergency Procedures, which can be obtained from the HOUSE MANAGER.

Kitchen Responsibilities
1. Train and supervise kitchen employees in accordance with university, chapter and HOUSE CORPORATION policies.
2. Plan the menus and order food supplies or supervise staff in doing so.
3. Supervise the preparation and serving of meals.
4. Make food and equipment arrangements for social events, chapter activities and recruitment in conjunction with appropriate chapter officers.
5. Maintain a list by name, location, and telephone number of food and equipment vendors.
6. Verify bills and give them to the VPF or AP Assistant or HOUSE CORPORATION for payment.
7. Work with the VPF, appropriate ADVISORS member and/or Budget Committee to insure that expenses are in line with the budget. A committee could be organized for assistance.

Maintaining a safe and secure facility
The HOUSE DIRECTOR works with the HOUSE MANAGER and HOUSE CORPORATION Board to ensure that chapter facilities are safe and secure; that chapter policies conform, in so far as possible, with all recommended safety practices, zoning and safety codes, as well as all insurance underwriterâ€s requirements. Please refer to the Safety & Security Guide for Sorority Facilities, which can be obtained from the HOUSE MANAGER.

• There should be an annual inventory made of all furnishings and equipment in the chapter facility. Included in this inventory should be furniture, linens, silver, china, kitchen equipment, art objects, bric-a-brac, office equipment, computers, printers, trophies, etc.
• Each chapter should decide at the local level just how this responsibility will be assigned. It may be a duty performed by the HOUSE CORPORATION, HOUSE MANAGER, HOUSE DIRECTOR, ADVISORS Adviser for House Management or some combination of these individuals. As HOUSE DIRECTOR, you may be requested to help with an inventory and update it periodically.
• During the school year, inform the HOUSE CORPORATION of any items that are missing, damaged or in poor repair.

Benefits for the position are as follows:
 Year-round Living Accommodations at the chapter house
 Meals as provided by the chapter house
 All Utilities Paid including:
 cable TV
 high speed wireless internet connection
 telephone including long distance up to $50
 University Holidays (including summer break)
 1 weekend paid vacation per quarter
 Salary* DOE
 $350 monthly health insurance allowance
 $75 monthly cell phone allowance
 Secure parking spot

*salary is subject to yearly increase to compensate for experience, performance, and cost of living increases.

Any offer of employment will be conditional on satisfactory proof that the applicant is legally authorized to work in the United States as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 as well as a satisfactory completion of background check.

Interested Candidates should email their resume with cover letter to by Friday, May 16th to be considered for the position.