Zeta Tau Alpha- University of Virginia
March 31, 2011
Job Type


Sorority House Director- Zeta Tau Alpha

Primary Responsibility: Ensure that the Chapter House Facility, which houses 24 women, is running in a safe and secure manner and that Corporation property is not being misused.

Other Responsibilities: The House Director will perform a variety of tasks to ensure smooth daily operations of the facility. This includes working within provided budgets, acting as a hostess (when requested), complying with all policies/rules/laws/etc, reporting to the chapter advisor regularly, supervision of housekeeping, procurement of house supplies, and assisting with/organizing the opening and closing of the house each term. The House Director will also work with the House Manager as needed.

Skills & Abilities Required: Must be able to work in a college environment and with young women in a harmonious manner. Must have basic computer skills, including email and word processing skills. Must be in good health, have a positive attitude, be self-motivated and able to use rational judgment when making decisions and prioritizing tasks. Must be trustworthy and able to keep confidential information private. Must be organized. Must be able to remain calm in emergency situations.

About This Position: This is a one-year contracted position; salary is paid at the beginning of each month. The House Director is provided with a private apartment and meal plan. No pets are allowed to be kept in the house.

If you are interested in applying for this position, then please send your resume and a letter of introduction stating why this job appeals to you to Anne Marie McGrath at amm3na@virginia.edu.