Cal Beta Pi Beta Phi House Corporation
April 26, 2017
Job Type


The House Director (HD) resides in a private suite on the premises and is primarily responsible  for managing a safe, well organized, cost-effective, and smoothly operating sorority house.  The chapter consists of approximately 150 members of which 67 residents live in the house.

The HD serves as an ambassador of the organization, oversees a staff of 6 full and part-time employees and coordinates day-to-day maintenance, repairs, and operations of the facility.  The position is a 12 month contract aligned with the academic calendar with the option of annual renewal.  Summer work consists of supervising the property during construction and repair projects.

The position includes paid holidays, vacation, and sick time in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements.  Additional employer-paid benefits are provided.


  1.  The safety and security of the property are the two most important concerns of the HD.  She is responsible for seeing that the property remains free of potential hazards and that the building is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The house director will be required to:  Check security of the house nightly, before vacation breaks, and at the closing of the school year;  Be present on the site no later than 1 am and remain there throughout the night, in case of emergency; comply with all local, state, and federal laws, Pi Beta Phi policies and procedures, and University guidelines.
  2. Ensures the effective and efficient maintenance and upkeep of house and surrounding grounds.   The HD will be required to oversee the opening and closing of the house at the beginning and end of each semester as well as at winter and spring break.
  3. With regard to Employees:  The HD is responsible for recruitment, scheduling, supervision, and annual evaluations of all employees in compliance with  applicable state and federal law.  This includes:  chef, assistant cook, housekeeper, dishwashers, and weekend help with the objective in mind of safety and cost effectiveness.
  4. Responsibilities to the chapter:  Serves as administrator, friend, good listener, and positive role model to the chapter members.  Attends meetings for various stakeholders as needed to give reports and recommendations as requested.  Must be able to fill in in the kitchen.
  5. Meals:  Oversees food service preparation including all ordering, purchasing, and storing of food and house supplies.  Keep records regarding cost of food and work with chef and chapter members to plan meals and special events.
  6.  The HD must be able to travel comfortably throughout the house and property.  This includes the ability to climb 4 floors of stairs and light duty lifting of not more than 30 lbs.

Characteristics of a successful candidate:

A successful candidate will have past experience with communal living environments and an appreciation for the diverse, dynamic college environment.  They must enjoy the company and interactions with young women residing in the house, but understand that their primary responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the property and its staff.

Required experience/education:

Undergraduate degree from a 4-year accredited institution is a plus, but not required.

5+ years of experience managing both hourly and salaried employees.

Familiarity with working in or managing a group living environment.

Basic computer and Microsoft Office Suite Skills.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application for employment. A background check will be conducted for all highly-qualified applicants.