Zeta Tau Alpha
April 24, 2013
Job Type


Sigma is looking for a new HD! There's a monthly wage (depending on experience), they get an apartment (and they can live there year-round if they choose), meals when served, internet, phone, mileage allowance for Zeta business, and possibly something toward insurance. HD duties follow the Baker academic school year.

We also need a cook – or a house director that can and will do both positions, as our HD did for us this year. We will have 28 in the house when we return this Fall. The cooks benefits and salary is to be determined – dependent first on finding a HD, or someone who does both.

We are looking for someone with good common sense, budget minded, with people skills (especially college-aged women), who is a critical thinker and will take direction from afar. ZTA has a House Directorâ€s seminar in late July that this new hire can, and should, go to at ZTA expense.

We need someone who will plan and execute healthy meals with very few fried pre-prepared foods, but with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The chapter has a salad bar to help make this easier.