Phi Sigma Sigma
December 12, 2018
Durham, New Hampshire
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The Phi Sigma Sigma National Housing Corporation (NHC) strives to create a welcoming residential community and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for members residing in our chapter houses. House directors are crucial to the success of these goals. House directors are the NHC’s representatives to members residing in the chapter house, and to all members of the chapters.

House directors have broad responsibilities extending to all areas of the members’ well-being and the safety and security of the facility. As such, the NHC expects that individuals accepting these positions will exercise high standards of moral and ethical conduct in their performance both in and out of the house.

Basic Position Responsibilities 

Community Development

  • Develop a sense of unity among members by facilitating the development of relationships among members.
  • Create a friendly, respectful, and considerate living environment.
  • Work with the House Manager to plan and implement community building activity.
  • Hold regular house meetings to disseminate information, discuss concerns, and collect feedback.
  • Communicate information to members in a timely and appropriate manner

 Member Relationships

  • Establish positive relationships with all members of the house, demonstrating availability and approachability.
  • Learn the names of all members.
  • Maintain a list of any and all medical concerns for the members on file (e.g., allergies, illnesses and/or conditions). Please consult this file if there is a medical problem with one of the members and report any pertinent information to the authorities and/or emergency medical technicians.
  • Be aware of attitudes and behavioral patterns of members.
  • Meet with members who are experiencing concerns (roommate conflicts, personal issues, etc.) and refer them to the appropriate campus resource for assistance as necessary.
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with members in and out of the chapter house.


  • Sleep on the premises every night school is in session. Locate a suitable replacement if you need to be away from the house overnight and obtain approval of the NHC president or her designee. A request for a scheduled overnight stay away from the house must be provided to the NHC president in writing at least seven days in advance.
  • Remain on site and in the common area of the house during chapter-contracted social functions to promote the safety of chapter members. Duty hours will include one hour prior to event start time and at least one hour post event.
  • Post emergency information in a visible location in each house.
  • In case of an emergency situation (i.e. weather emergency, blackout, campus disturbance or special event), be available for additional duty as needed.

 Policy Enforcement and Safety

  • Abide by and enforce NHC policies and report all violations of regulations.
  • Confront inappropriate behavior and violations in an objective, consistent and respectful manner providing rationale for policies.
  • Follow up with members who have violated policy.
  • Treat information and incidents with the appropriate level of confidentiality.

Leadership and Staff Support

  • Establish positive and effective working relationships with fellow staff members.
  • Act as a team player by compromising for the good of the staff as appropriate.
  • Serve as a liaison with the chef and kitchen staff and oversee meal plan operation (if applicable).
  • Monitor cleaning service or housekeeper to ensure facility is being maintained to NHC standards.
  • Refer any employee issues, including, but not limited to, disciplinary issues, to the NHC president or her designee immediately.

Housing and Operations

  • Assist in preparation of rooms for member occupancy by completing Room Condition Forms. Coordinate initial distribution of the information and/or system for accessing the house.
  • Oversee check-in and check-out procedures and help members and their families with proper move-in/out expectations.
  • Assist members when locked out of their rooms.
  • Report damage to NHC property including fire equipment, alarm systems, common areas and bathrooms.
  • Repair, if possible, minor problems (for example, plunge toilets). Contact the NHC president or her designee to arrange for service appointments or for emergency repair situations.
  • Manage maintenance requests timely in a timely manner, including preventative maintenance to be conducted on a regular schedule.
  • Coordinate timely and thorough snow removal and lawn care.
  • Coordinate with the local fire department to ensure completion of any required fire inspection(s). Also schedule the annual inspection of fire extinguishers. Ensure both are completed successfully prior to deadlines. Schedule and coordinate a fire drill each semester.
  • Manage the door key code system or security system in conjunction with the property owner and alarm company (if applicable).

Administrative Duties

  • Complete room check in and file initial room condition report forms.
  • Collect roommate contracts.
  • Complete room check out, file end-of-year fines report, noting repairs required.
  • Submit Incident Behavior Notification (IBN) forms via the Phi Sigma Sigma website as required.
  • Maintain a repair request system documenting the request, date of notification, date of completion and resolution. Document any patterned problems and make recommendations for resolution.
  • Attend and contribute to monthly house director conference calls and regular one-on-ones with supervisors.
  • Participate in all scheduled training sessions.
  • Maintain open communication with supervisors.
  • Respond to requests for information in a timely manner.
  • Check e-mail regularly.


  • Serve as a role model and representative of the NHC, both in the house and on campus/in the local community.
  • Maintain online responsibility as it pertains to the use of the internet and other forms of electronic communications (which includes, but is not limited to email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) As a representative and employee of the NHC, you are expected to communicate positive reflection of your role as a leader.
  • Demonstrate good use of personal judgment both on and off duty.
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward the position, the NHC, Phi Sigma Sigma and Greek Life


This position description outlines the general nature and level of work assigned to individuals who function in this job. This description is not exhaustive; other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.