Fraternity Managers Association at URI
June 14, 2017
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House Directors* are an important resource for our Greek community. They assist the chapter by creating a safe living and learning environment. If you are interested in being a House Director, please submit a general cover letter and resume.

*Note that House Directors are hired by the individual house corporations. Once your information is submitted, it will be shared with the housing corporation board for the purposes of hiring. Resumes are kept on file within the office.


House Directors are responsible for fostering personal and academic excellence and social responsibility among house members. House Directors are also encouraged to support students by providing programs to benefit the chapter.


1. Assist in developing and coordinating educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs. These programs should include topics such as leadership development, alcohol abuse, hazing awareness, sexual harassment and assault, etc. Work with appropriate campus offices and educators and chapter members to present these programs.

2. Support the functioning of the chapter by working with student and alumni leaders to accomplish the established goals; including advising the Executive council of the chapter and attending all house meetings. Assist in managing and overseeing all functions necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the house.

3. Provide appropriate counseling and referral services for the academic and personal needs of students .

4. Mediate interpersonal problems among students when necessary.

5. Implement and enforce university policies and regulations. Spread awareness of fire safety and security regulations. Report violations as they occur, and coordinate with police, fire, and safety officials as necessary.

6. Serve as a liaison to the chapter’s housing corporation.

7. Participate in pre- and in- service training programs, designated departmental meetings, and professional development workshops.

8. House Directors are encouraged to assist Greek Affairs in helping students and their chapters achieve in the commonly shared values of Fellowship, Scholarship, Leadership, and Community Service .

9. Other efforts include combating alcohol abuse to change the campus culture.

10. The House Director should assist in developing a sense of community.

11. The House Director should be a role model and resource to encourage appropriate social behavior and actions that are respectful of the individual, the chapter, the Greek community, and the University of Rhode Island community.



$1500 per month

Room & Board


This is part-time LIVE-IN position.

Job Type: Part-time