Chi Omega
April 16, 2014
Kingston, Rhode Island, RI
Job Type


Title: Professional House Director for Chi Omega
Employer: Lambda Beta of Chi Omega House Corporation
Reports to: House Corporation President
Supervises: 3rd Party vendors and other employees of the corporation.
Essential Elements of Position:
- Must be a single female.
- Must be able to speak, hear, understand and write the English language.
- Must be able to type and use email and telephone for communications.
- Must be able to climb stairs & small ladders, lift items up to 50 pounds in weight.
- Must live in the Chapter House on a year-round basis, exclusive of vacation periods. (Travel away from the Chapter House when collegiate members are in residence will be extremely limited and must be with the advance written approval of the House Corporation Board.)
- Must be available substantially full-time, especially during the academic sessions.
- Must be trustworthy and able to keep confidential information private and will be required to pass a background and credit check.
Desired Qualifications:
- Candidates should have significant life experience and be able to manage small home repairs and minor maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and plunging toilets, shoveling walkways in winter and spreading sand/salt mixtures on walkways.
- Candidates must be able to recognize the need for and manage servicepersons for major repairs, and to maintain all utility systems in good working order, including: electrical, plumbing, heating, cable, locks, appliances.
- Candidates must be organized and have basic computer skills, including email, word processing and Excel skills.
- Candidates must have a genuine interest in working with collegiate-aged women and be able to serve as a role model.
- Candidates must possess a nurturing nature, but also be ready, willing and able to enforce rules and regulations.
- Candidates must be able to serve as a welcoming presence for all collegiate members of the chapter and their guests and for students looking to join the Chapter.
- Candidates who are initiated Chi Omegas or who have experience in the Greek system will be given preference.
- Some experience as a college student is preferred, but not required.
- Experience as a House Director is preferable.

The House Director supervises the operation of the Chapter House as her full-time regular occupation. The House Director will perform a variety of tasks to ensure smooth daily operations of the facility. Duties include, but are not limited to:
Facility Management:
- Overseeing the opening and closing of the chapter house for the academic terms, including room check-in procedures and key dispersal and collection. Inspect all rooms for damage upon conclusion of the academic year and report any damage to the House Corporation Board.

- Scheduling routine house maintenance and escorting all male vendors, at all times, within the Chapter House. Being on-site for contractors during major renovations- except approved vacation times.

- Supervising the cleanliness of the House by working with the Collegiate House Manager. Very minor housekeeping assistance- clutter patrol- washing dishtowels, etc., re-loading supplies, as necessary.

- Updating and maintaining inventory of tangible personal property and furnishings.

- Providing assistance to chapter members for house-related issues and assisting with/organizing the opening and closing of the house during holidays and breaks.

- Planning and coordinating meal services including the budgeting and purchasing of food and household supplies (when applicable).


- Monitor the activities of the residents of the House to insure compliance with both Chi Omega and University rules and regulations concerning fire safety, male visitation, the use of alcohol and the prohibition of illegal substances.

- Assist in the enforcement of quiet hours.

- Patrol the facility on a daily basis and be consistently visible to the residents.


- Regularly communicate via email and telephone with the House Corporation President, House Advisors, and Office of Greek Life, as necessary.

- Maintain a current calendar of events with the collegiate members, House Corporation Board and Advisory Board. Cross-check events for HC for conflicts.

- Attend House Director meetings with the Universityâ€s and Office of Greek Life, and keep the House Corporation Board informed of all development and notices issued from the University.

- Attend meetings with the House Corporation Board and provide monthly written reports concerning activities, problems encountered and maintenance issues.

- Prepare monthly self-inspection reports and submit the same to URIâ€s Fraternity Managerâ€s Association, with copies to the House Corporation Board.

Social Responsibilities
- Serve as an adult Hostess for visiting dignitaries, alumnae and parents, in conjunction with the collegiate chapter members. Be present and visible, especially during Parents†Weekend, Homecoming and Graduation.

- Be available to the collegiate members of the House for emotional support, advice and friendship. Provide support/encouragement to Chapter during key events such as Recruitment, Bids Days, Greek Week, Wish Week, Founders†Day.

- Be an “Ambassador of Good Will” for Chi Omega by participating with Greek House Director group activities, meetings and social events.

- Preparing and serving nightly study-break treats, financed by the House Corporation, for collegiate residents during finals week each semester.

Salary and Benefits
- Salary: The House Director shall be paid a monthly salary, to be negotiated. Experienced House Directors can expect a higher salary.

- Housing: The accommodations include a private apartment consisting of a bedroom, private bathroom and combined living room/galley kitchen. The House Director may, at her election, also use the Chapter House kitchen.

- Health Insurance: Yes

- 401k: Annual or semi-annual contribution to 401k, as percentage of salary- to be negotiated.

- Training: The House Director must be willing to travel for an annual training conference at the University of Alabama, at the corporationâ€s expense.

- Board: The Chapter House does not have commercial kitchen or chef at the present time. If the Chapter elects to build-on a commercial kitchen, the House Director will take her meals with the collegiate members.

- Parking: The House Director shall have the use of one parking space reserved exclusively for her use, subject only to University regulations.

- Utilities: Phone, Cable and Internet access.