Alpha Alpha Association of Delta Zeta
May 1, 2013
Job Type


Job Description
The Alpha Alpha chapter of Delta Zeta at Northwestern University (GO 'CATS!) is currently seeking a new House Director/"Mother" to join our chapter. We are located in the heart of university campus as a part of "Greek Row" in Evanston, IL. The House Director position will be available for the 2013-2014 school year, although ideally we would like a long-term candidate.

The desired applicant will have management and operational experience - as well as the ability to interact with collegiate women. We are looking for a warm personality who can also carry out day-to-day management of the household. This includes but is not limited to managing: kitchen duties/staff, city compliance work, maintenanceduties/staff, and be a resource to collegiate women when needed.
Job Requirements
Reside in the Chapter house at all times that the chapter members are present;
Preside over all house meals, within reason;
Advise and assist the housekeeper / cook when necessary;
Act as house hostess;
Advise and counsel the Chapter members when requested;
Accompany various city and university Inspectors on House tours;
Send the Northwestern University Buildings and Grounds department any work orders for required repairs (including those needed and requested by housekeeper / cook);
Reconcile monthly invoices from vendors to statements received to ensure validity of charges from vendors;
Report any major problems of the physical house immediately to an officer of employer. (House Corporation)
Report any internal problems of the Chapter, observed or experienced, to the Collegiate College Director;
Report any security infractions to both an officer of employer and to Northwestern Universityâ€s Campus Policies.