Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
June 14, 2011
North Carolina, NC
Job Type


Large, flagship university in the Southeast looking for House Director for upcoming school year. We are seeking a professional, personable House Director to begin in August 2011.

Responsibilities of our House Director include, but are not limited to, overseeing the opening and closing of the Chapter House, supervision of Chapter employees including the hiring and firing, including but not limited to housekeeping and kitchen staff. The House Director will work with the cook and house manager to plan and coordinate meal services including the budgeting and purchasing related to food service and house supplies, as well as supervision of the maintenance of the chapter house and grounds. We would also like our House Director to serve as counselor and friend to all members and new members of the Chapter at all times. She would also serve as official hostess for the Chapter when requested. The House Director would be responsible for expending budgeted funds made available to her in accordance with the Chapter budget.

The House Director will live in the Chapter House as a full-time resident and sleep overnight at the Chapter House each night unless given advance permission from the General Advisor. House Director will be provided an apartment with a private bath and a sitting room/office.

The House Director is an employee of the chapter. The House Director shall work closely with the House Manager, Treasurer and Chapter President, who serve as her liaisons to the chapter.

This is a contract position from the months of August to May (one week prior to the house opening and a few days after it closes for the year).

To apply: Please send your resume, letter of interest and references to Kym McKinley at kym-mckinley@zetataualpha.org.