Zeta Tau Alpha
November 9, 2019
Berkeley, CA, California
Job Type


Name of the Sorority: Zeta Tau Alpha, Upsilon Chapter

University: California University at Berkeley
City: Berkeley State: CA
Date the position begins: January 2020


The House Director serves as the onsite manager for Zeta Tau Alpha at Cal Berkeley and is responsible for assisting with the development, safety and well-being of 80 residents in the house. The House Director resides in an apartment suite in the house and participates in operations, maintenance, and assistance with social functions. Room and board are provided during the school year.

Interested candidates are required to submit both a resume and cover letter to ZTAUpsilonHousingAdvisor@gmail.com. You may also include any questions you may have about the position.

Responsibilities of the House Director include, but are not limited to:

* Work to develop and maintain a safety-conscious working environment with employees and Chapter members
* Be familiar with the Chapter Crisis Management Plan which applies to crisis situations both large and small
* Be familiar with local fire code requirements and other emergency procedures and maintain a list of emergency contacts including the city/county police, fire, medical and university counseling services in a convenient location
* In partnership with the House Manager, supervise emergency drills when scheduled
* Ensure all life-safety equipment is well maintained and in good working order (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, smoke and fire alarms, security systems and access code systems)
* Promptly report to the appropriate chapter advisor any problems with life-safety equipment
* Perform a security check of the house before retiring each night
* Such check entails securing (closing and locking) all outside doors and windows on the ground and sub ground level, drawing shades and draperies and closing blinds
* Ensure the house is safe and locked securely, fire escapes are secure, and that entrances and hallways are unobstructed always
* Perform a daily walk through of the entire house, including both the interior and exterior of the property to review for any safety or maintenance related needs

* Become knowledgeable about the house, furnishings, equipment and grounds
* Supervise all repairs to and maintenance of the house and its furnishings, equipment and grounds to ensure that such repairs and maintenance are completed with Zeta Tau Alpha’s standards and guidelines
* Supervise all deliveries
* Promptly report any mechanical failures, required repairs and equipment needs to Chapter advisors
* Maintain a log of all maintenance services to be used as verification for invoices (ex. dates of maintenance visits, pest service, etc.)
* Supervision of housekeeping staff and contractors
* Ensure standards of housekeeping are followed and encourage careful upkeep of the house and property, with an emphasis on the public areas of the house and grounds
* Participate in minor repairs, maintenance and upkeep of the house as would normally be expected of any tenant, including running errands as may be needed
* Manage the purchase and storage of supplies necessary for the normal maintenance of the house according to the guidelines established and within the allotted budget
* Perform and maintain an annual inventory of all house furnishings, cooking utensils and equipment, miscellaneous kitchen items, flatware, glassware, china, silver and other items that are not personal property of Chapter members, and provide this inventory to the Chapter advisors
* Provide prompt notification to the Chapter advisors when items are found missing or in need of repair

* In partnership with the House Manager and Cook (or kitchen management representative) supervise the planning of meals that are varied, appetizing, of good quality and nutritional value
* In partnership with the House Manager and Cook (or kitchen management representative), supervise the planning of food for special occasions
* Assist the collegiate chapter with communicating the food items that need purchasing for these occasions
* Ensure quality of meal service and cleanup by kitchen management company

* Understand and implement budget management related to the house operations and maintenance
* Monitor and track spending throughout the year

* Coordinate and supervise preparation for the house for opening at the beginning of the academic year and after relevant academic year breaks
* Check all rooms before Chapter members take possession and after they vacate at the end of the school year

* Ensure adherence to Chapter House Rules by Chapter members
* Work closely with Chapter House Manager to be aware of happenings and needs within the Chapter house
* Communicate maintenance needs, happenings, and issues with Chapter advisors on a regular basis