Alpha Chi Omega
August 24, 2018
Job Type



CLASSIFICATION: Exempt-Executive REPORTS TO: Chapter Advisor


The live-in House Director is responsible for supporting the Alpha Chi Omega housed Chapter member experience. The House Director works to create an inclusive environment for all members that promotes positive community relations, member engagement, and resident safety. Additionally, the House Director is to manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the physical premises of the Chapter facility, including the supervision and direction of all facility employees and contractors. Because the Employer does not have a daily on-site presence, the House Director is expected to utilize appropriate levels of independent judgment and discretion in the execution of her job duties.


In addition to the tasks discussed below, which are not meant to be an exhaustive list, the House Director must read, understand and follow guidelines set forth in the Employee Handbook, House Director Manual, and any guidelines published by the host institution.



Schedule, supervise and evaluate all facility employees (i.e., servers). Interview and hire servers and other temporary support staff.
Maintain accurate job descriptions for all facility employees. Review the duties with the employee and obtain their signature on the job description.

Ensure all facility employees are properly executing their duties.
Train or oversee training of facility employees, as necessary.
Ensure facility employees are apprised of applicable policies and procedures related to their employment, performance of their job duties, timekeeping and other obligations. This includes, but is not limited to, their wages and required work hours, and to report absences directly to you.
Recommend discipline, including termination, to Pearl Stone Partners and Chapter Advisor when a facility employee is not meeting expectations or has behaved contrary to any rules or policies. Maintain and provide the applicable records to support the recommendation.
Conduct annual written performance evaluations for each facility employee. Provide a copy of the appraisal to the employee, Pearl Stone Partners and Chapter Advisor. Maintain personnel records for facility employees, including coordinating employment paperwork with the Synergy/Pearl Stone Partners.

  1. Ensure accurate timekeeping practices of facility employees and reporting of hours to be paid, including any overtime. Review, total, sign and submit timesheets to the Chapter Advisor for final review before being processed by Synergy/Pearl Stone Partners. Manage weekly scheduling to limit the need for overtime work.
  2. Ensure facility employees are taking scheduled meal breaks and rest periods in accordance with any applicable law.
  3. Manage, direct and monitor performance of contractors, such as housekeeping, landscaping and repair services to ensure they are following their scope of work.
  4. Solicit bids and negotiate agreements for household services such as housekeeping, landscaping, repair and maintenance services for presentation to Chapter Advisor and/or Local House Corporation for final approval.


  1. House Director will be responsible for managing within an allotted budget for food, supplies and other household items. Permission is not required for purchases made on behalf of the Chapter.
  2. Responsible for Chapter facility account specifically for maintenance and repair: House Director will be responsible to manage repairs/maintenance on behalf of the facility owner in accordance with the guidelines set. Permission is required for any purchase exceeding $10,000 and/or the budget set forth by the Local House Corporation.
  3. Send receipts/invoices to VP Finance upon receipt.
  4. Keep track of work related mileage and other expenses, and send copies forreimbursement to VP Finance.
  5. Keep receipts and files on house purchase warranties in an orderly manner.
  6. Document all expenses on the monthly tracking sheet. Present the monthly expensetracking sheet at each regular meeting of the Local House Corporation.
  7. All records are property of the Employer, the Chapter and/or the Local HouseCorporation and must be maintained unless otherwise directed.


  1. Be present for the opening and closing of the Chapter facility. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting the chapter with assigning keys, collecting keys, assigning codes and/or other access. A copy of the report will be kept on file.
  2. Support schedules of the opening and closing of the house at vacation periods. Plan to be there long enough beforehand to have the Chapter facility ready to start functioning smoothly at the start, and ready for inspection by the Local House Corporation after closing.



Develop a sense of community among residents within the facility.
Serve as a positive role model to Chapter members.
Maintain weekly office hours and meet with the chapter leadership (primary meeting is with the VPFO) on a weekly basis. Meetings should be scheduled as part of weekly office hours.
Actively support and promote the Alpha Chi Omega experience.

  1. Be present at organized events held at the Chapter facility as requested; including, but not limited to recruitment, parent’s weekend, homecoming or alumni weekend.
  2. Maintain confidentiality of proprietary business information, non-public financial information, contractual terms and pricing with vendors, and personal information about Chapter members.


  1. Oversee the general condition of the Chapter facility at all times, for such things as cleanliness, order, and all minor details that make up a well-managed home.
  2. It is not expected the House Director do the work, but rather direct the proper person, persons or vendor in executing housekeeping responsibilities.


  1. Make effort to know all members by name and involvement.
  2. Assist the Chapter in maintaining a file of information on members living in theChapter facility, including car make, model, license plate number and color.Maintain an accurate floor plan with current occupants’ names and their phone numbers, parents’ name, address, contact number and emergency numbers.
  3. Assist in any issues that occur within the Chapter facility when requested to do so by the Chapter Advisor. Maintain communication with the host university when appropriate, including attending campus House Director meetings.
  4. Attend campus House Directors meetings.


Inspect grounds, facilities, and equipment routinely to determine necessity of repairs or maintenance. Report any maintenance observations of note to Chapter Advisor. Maintain, store and update house inventory on an annual basis. Submit a copy of the inventory list annually to Chapter Advisor and Local House Corporation.

Make recommendations regarding the general maintenance of the Chapter facility to VP Facility Operations, Chapter Advisor, or Local House Corporation. This includes any suggestions regarding equipment, furniture, dishes, silverware, etc.
Oversee maintenance at Chapter facility; be present to let workers in and guide them to locations where work is needed. Notify Chapter members when there will be contractors in the Chapter facility, or when there will be disruption of power, water, food, or any other typical service.

Be certain the chapter has practiced emergency evacuations required by Fire Code, including at least one (1) fire drill per semester.
Be alert for hazards and safety concerns. Timely address hazards and safety concerns, including making necessary report to Chapter Advisor or Local House Corporation. Keep a file of repair service, by room and general Chapter facility. Include who performed the service, when and for what purpose (a maintenance log).

Coordinate regular maintenance activities with the facility owner and utilize agreed upon maintenance calendar.
Provide input, as requested, for Chapter facility improvement suggestions. Submit to VP Facility Operations or Chapter Advisor on an as needed/requested basis.

10. As requested, coordinate and be present at all inspections of safety and health conditions. Report the results of those inspections promptly to the Local House Corporation and Chapter Advisor.


In addition to the personnel responsibilities for those working in the kitchen as set forth in Section I (A), House Director must:

  1. Work with the meal service provider and VP Facility Operations to establish a meal plan and menus for the chapter on a weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Ensure that food is ordered by the meal service provider in a timely manner and that an on-hand inventory is maintained to meet the chapter’s needs.
  3. Oversee the open hours for the kitchen and make certain the kitchen is properly cleaned prior to closing each night.
  4. Oversee and enforce all state, federal, and local health, safety, and hygiene regulations for food service.
  5. Monitor kitchen equipment for routine maintenance, cleaning, repair and replacement.


Strong listening and communication skills; able to effectively and professionally communicate with the Chapter Advisor, Chapter members, advisors, parents, alumnae, employees, contractors, community resources and host institution staff in a clear and concise manner whether by telephone, email or in person.

Excellent organizational skills; including the ability to maintain records. Excellent planning and time management skills.
Ability to make sound decisions under pressure within tight deadlines. Ability to utilize expense tracking software and maintain a budget.
Basic knowledge and experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Knowledge of home maintenance and repairs.

Knowledge of facility and event management.
Knowledge of food safety and service standards.
Negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
Positive attitude; able to maintain composure and patience during stressful or emergency situations.

Problem solving: Ability to quickly identify problems, develop and timely implement solutions.
Attention to detail: Ability to recognize home maintenance and repair issues, and coordinate service.

Ability to build trust and respect with Chapter members. Ability to walk up and down stairs multiple times a day.


Bachelor’s degree in business, hospitality or related field of learning; or a minimum of five years of experience as a house director, residence life director and/or as a property manager or other related transferrable experience.
Experience maintaining records and budgets.

Experience maintaining and supervising a commercial kitchen.
Experience supervising employees, including interviewing, training and managing job performance.
Experience in managing and supervising of contractors.
Experience working with college aged women in an educational or other professional setting.
Any other combination of skills, abilities and experience that demonstrate the requisite skills and abilities for the job.
Eligible to work in the United States without restriction.
Passage of a criminal background and reference check.