Eta Alpha House Corporation of Alpha Phi (New Hampshire)
March 10, 2016
Job Type


Position Summary

The principal duties of the House Director are to manage the proper care, operations and maintenance of the Eta Alpha Chapter House of Alpha Phi (the “chapter house”) in accordance with the health, safety and fire codes of the city of Durham, Strafford County and the State of New Hampshire and the housing policies of the Eta Alpha House Corporation Board, Eta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Inc.

The House Director will oversee the day-to-day operation of the chapter house including management of personnel, coordination of contractors, vendors and service providers, while staying within the provided budget. The House Director will also serve as a liaison with the University and hostess to the chapter house. The nature of the House Director’s duties is such that both she and the board of directors of Eta Alpha House Corporation Board (“HCB”) must plan carefully to control and anticipate the number of hours to be worked each week. The duties necessitate significant variations in daily hours of work.


• Assure the facility is run in such a way that shall protect the safety, health, and well-being of all members
• Protect and support the positive reputation of Alpha Phi, including its individual members, the chapter and all volunteers and staff on the University of New Hampshire campus and the Durham community
• Keep all Alpha Phi information, business, and member practices in strictest confidentiality. This includes private member actions or information, all chapter information or practices and all information related the operation of the chapter or facility. Respect for individual privacy and dignity is expected from all staff.
• Operate the facility within the confines of the budget allocated for food, supplies, linens/tabletop and repairs. Regular consultation with the HCB president, HCB treasurer, and/or accountant is expected.

Work Hours

• A total of 20 regular Office Hours will be established and posted for the chapter during traditional (9am to 9pm) business hours. Casual support of the facility and/or members are expected during an additional 20 hours per week.
• On Call hours will be required as needed or called upon to perform the principal priorities of the job. This includes staying overnight at the chapter house during all times when members are present in the facility and responding to emergency or pressing member or facility needs as they arise outside of regular Office Hours.
• A contact system will be developed with chapter officers, the HCB and other staff members when away from the facility. The HD will be responsible for updating emergency contacts with alarm services, etc. whenever she is not able to be the primary contact.
• The House Director will reside in the facility overnight during all academic periods, including January Term (J Term) and summer terms, unless previously approved by the HCB president or her authorized designee. For winter and summer breaks, a schedule will be determined and agreed upon to cover the facility’s needed repairs and maintenance. Notice of any special events scheduled over the summer will be given by April 15th each year. Spring Break is considered vacation time and the House Director’s residency is not required during that time (10 am following the last day of class to noon on the day before classes resume).

Essential Functions

• Assure the facility meets all fire, safety and health department requirements at all times, seeking the support of chapter officers, HCB or advisory board when necessary.
• Easily able to ascend and descend 3 flights of stairs routinely throughout the day.
• Able to lift items weighing up to 30 pounds.
• Manage, supervise and act as a gracious hostess for the chapter house.
• Work independently.
• Give and receive written and verbal instructions in a clear and professional manner.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, email, online ordering, faxing, scanning and vendor management.
• Reside in the chapter house during regular academic terms and be available for vendor access for needed and scheduled repairs and special events during academic breaks.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Maintain a home-like atmosphere in the chapter house - greeting residents and their guests, being available for meals and social events held within the house. The following specific events are held annually and will be required: Move In Days and the final move out day of each semester.
2. Act as official hostess in a manner that is pleasing and professional among all members and on behalf of the Fraternity.
3. Conduct daily walk thru of the common areas of the facility (including upstairs hallways) to be sure all is in good repair and working order, thermostats are set correctly and other staff/service providers are performing their duties in a satisfactory manner.
4. Maintain a relationship with the Chapter that will promote a healthy living environment. Establish Office Hours that offer regular availability to Chapter members. During these hours, the House Director is expected to be available and welcoming to Chapter members. If she must be absent during these hours, she should leave a note on her door stating when she will return.
5. Oversee the opening and closing of the chapter house prior to the beginning of each term and at the close of each term unless the chapter house is open for school breaks. This will include a complete listing of all damages that have occurred and repairs that are needed.
6. Give regular reports and keep ongoing, open communication with the HCB to provide information regarding the facility, the Chapter, vendors, household staff and general feedback deemed helpful to the Corporation. At minimum, provide a weekly update to HCB via e-mail by each Sunday evening. Needed repairs or replacements should be reported on a regular basis.
7. Assist Alpha Phi Chapter Officers and Advisors in coordination of Chapter events as needed. All dates and events requiring food or beverages provided by the kitchen staff are to be discussed in advance with the Head Chef (minimum two weeks’ notice in most circumstances).
8. Meet weekly with the VPCO and/or Director of Chapter Facilities to discuss facility maintenance and management.
9. Enforce the male visitation policy, alcohol policy and flame policy, along with all house rules; inform appropriate chapter officers and Chapter Advisor when a violation has occurred. Inform the HCB if repeated offenses occur.
10. Comply and assist with enforcing (with respectful and professional demeanor) Alpha Phi International Fraternity Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures and Eta Alpha Chapter House Rules (copy attached), and report violations to the Chapter Advisor and Chapter President. The House Director is expected to comply with all house rules including male visitation policies and pet policies.
11. No Alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs are allowed on Alpha Phi property at any time. The Fraternity allows no exceptions to this rule. The House Director must comply with this rule and should help to enforce this rule with members through immediate communication to the chapter officers, advisors or house corporation board.
12. Adhere to all Chapter, Alpha Phi, Panhellenic, and University of New Hampshire rules for housing.
13. Serve as hostess for HCB meetings held at the chapter house. Attend and contribute at HCB meetings as requested. Prepare and present a report for each meeting indicating status of house issues and/or concerns with a detailed set of requested action steps, if necessary.
14. Reside in the chapter house during all academic terms, including J Term and Summer terms, and procure a substitute during any time which the House Director is away overnight and during periods of lengthy illness. Substitute House Director requests must be given to the HCB in writing two weeks in advance of proposed absence (except in case of illness). All substitutes must be approved by HCB in advance. Vacate the facility or plan on a quiet, private evening in the HD apartment when chapter ritual activities are scheduled (upon two weeks’ notice by the chapter advisor or HCB president). HCB will cover the cost of a substitute for one two-night weekend each in September, February and April. All other substitute costs are the responsibility of the House Director.
15. Cooperate with local, quadrant, and International Fraternity officers in carrying out the duties of the House Director.
16. Keep confidential all Member, Chapter and/or Fraternity information to which the House Director has access. Dissemination of such information should only be made with permission of the House Board president.
17. Monitor all arriving mail. Hold any mail addressed to the HCB at the chapter house and scan and email it to the appropriate HCB officer in a timely manner in accordance with HCB expectations.
18. Perform an annual inventory of all items in the facility except in the chapter’s recruitment/ritual closet. One copy of the inventory list is to be given to the HCB Treasurer and the other is to be kept on file with the House Director.
19. Keep an organized filing system of all chapter house related items.
20. Keep the Guest Room ready and available to official Alpha Phi visitors and guests as approved and scheduled with the HCB president. Personal guests (female only) for brief stays with prior approval of the HCB president.

House Management Responsibilities
1. Distribute individual room keys in accordance with a standardized facility procedure for distribution and collection.
2. Perform a security check of the chapter house before retiring each evening. Secure all outside doors and windows on ground level, closing blinds and shutters and turning off lights as is practical.
3. Supervise contracted services in accord with the policies of the HCB.
4. Ensure the cleanliness, orderliness, proper care and maintenance of the facility.
5. Supervise the exterior house property by monitoring conditions and reporting any problems to the HCB President, including but not limited to lawn, plantings, entrances, parking lot and sidewalks, monitor need for snow or ice removal for the walkway from chapter house door to street in front of the property.
6. Oversee safety and security of the chapter house via maintenance and repair as needed of the security system, outside lighting, and fire alarm systems.
7. Ensure that the facility is compliant with Fire Inspection codes and permits. When present, the House Director will be support chapter officers in charge of any emergencies that arise and will comply with Alpha Phi Fraternity Emergency Procedures and immediately inform the HCB President in the event of an emergency.
8. Coordinate and perform with the VP of Chapter Operations and the Director of Chapter Facilities a fire drill and emergency preparedness exercise at the start of each semester that the Chapter is in residence.
9. Monitor equipment and building maintenance of the facility, contacting appropriate service companies to accomplish timely repairs and maintenance, and maintaining a log of such service visits. The need for major repairs or purchases of equipment above $300 will be reported to the HCB President and Treasurer to obtain approval for such expenditures.
10. Assist the HCB with hiring, managing and training of other household staff, at the request of the HCB.
11. Monitor the food service for the facility, supporting the Head Cook (when employed by Alpha Phi) to accomplish menu planning, food ordering, food preparation, serving and presentation. The House Director may be directed to assist the kitchen staff and other staff by making local purchases needed for the efficient and cost effective operation of the facility. If a service provider is used, provide cooperative support and monitor quality, report any consistent issues that arise.
12. Work with the Head Cook, all vendors and the HCB Treasurer to send the appropriate invoices, information and billings to the accountant.
13. Cooperate with the HCB on planning and maintaining a balanced budget and keeping accurate accounting records. Account for all expenditures under the direct control of the House Director. Complete a monthly House Director Expense report including receipts. Meet with the HCB Treasurer or her designee once a month, or as requested, to review expenses.
14. Maintain a list of all pertinent contacts (including all HCB members and advisors, employees, vendors, suppliers and service companies), procedures (move in/move out, operation of all safety and security equipment) and instructions (use of thermostats, equipment, and event planning history/best practices). This information is to remain property of the HCB, for use by substitutes or successors. All information should be readily available and accessible.
15. Fulfill such other duties as requested by the HCB and as are customary and usual to this type of position.

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