Zeta Tau Alpha
June 19, 2014
Job Type


General Duties:

- Responsible for the entire administration of the Chapter House and its grounds and for supervising the operation of the Chapter House. The House Directorâ€s duties include but are not limited to:

- Oversight of the opening of the Chapter House prior to the beginning of each quarter or semester that shall begin during the term of this contract, and the closing of the Chapter House after the end of each quarter or semester

- Supervision of other Chapter employees and contractors including the hiring, firing, and discipline of all such individuals, including but not limited to housekeeping and

kitchen staff. This supervisory responsibility includes the formulation, interpretation, and implementation of management policies and operating practices as well as resolving any
and all disputes raised by Chapter employees and contractors.

- Using her judgment and discretion in the management of Chapter operations consistent with the best interest of the Chapter.

- Planning and coordinating meal services including the budgeting and purchasing related to food service, in coordination with the head kitchen staff.

- Supervision of the maintenance of the Chapter House and the grounds, including any employees and contractors related to same.

- If problem in the house, discuss what action to take with president and house manager, and if need be, the General Advisor.

- Analyzing and reviewing issues and problems facing the Chapter and/or its members and outlining proposed solutions and recommendations for such issues and problems.

- Serving as counselor and friend to all members and new members of the Chapter at all times.

- Supervising and maintaining the appropriate atmosphere in the dining room of the Chapter House.

- Following all applicable laws in her oversight and supervision of Chapter employees and contractors.

- Attend house meetings once a month or as needed.

- Call police, fire department, paramedics if need be.

Minimum Qualifications

- Graduated from an accredited university

- Living in the Chapter House as a full-time resident

- Have good management skills

- Be able to take direction from the two entities with whom you work closely - the chapter and house corporation

- Be demanding of the vendor who service chapter in the house

- Know when to take the initiative and went to seek advice

- Be a good listener

- Experience working with traditional college aged students


$28,000, based on experience and ability to stay in the apartment while school is not in session.

Private apartment, including all utilities, parking, wifi, cable and personal phone line

(3) Meals per day/5 days per week

How to apply:

Email cover letter and resume to jvanzino@gmail.com