Kappa Alpha Theta at Washington State University
June 12, 2014
Job Type


House Director at Kappa Alpha Theta, Washington State University
Open August 1, 2014


Candidate must enjoy working with college-aged women and have the ability to interact professionally with students, parents, alumnae, staff and the university community. Excellent organization and communication abilities, basic budget and computer skills are required. Previous house director or property management experience preferred.

Chapter Information:

The chapter located at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington has 70 members living in the chapter house. The chapter has been on the campus for over 100 years and is very strong with top grades. Both the Advisory/Corporation Boards are active and supportive of the members, facility director and staff.

Overview of Duties:

• Serves as the chapter hostess and sets an example through professional appearance and courtesy.

• Ensures that the public areas of the house are orderly so visitors may be graciously received at any time.

• Coordinates day-to-day facility management, small repairs and maintenance, keeping the Corporation Board apprised of any issues involving the property.

• Schedules and conducts the opening and closing of the chapter house with the facility manager and advisor.

• Serves as on-site contact for contractors and vendors.

• Hires and supervises kitchen, cleaning and maintenance staff.

• Works within annual budgets set by the chapter and advisors. 

• Helps ensure the safety of the house occupants and enforce rules mandated by the city of Pullman, the Corporation Board and Washington State University.

• Lives on-site during all academic periods and coordinating a substitute to supervise during days off.

• Acts as liaison for campus activities involving house directors. 

Accommodations and Salary:

Furnished apartment with separate bedroom and living room, cable and phone is provided. Meals are included. Salary is competitive with houses on campus and includes a stipend for cell phone and health insurance.