Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
May 22, 2014
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The House Corporation Board of Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Iowa State University is recruiting for the position of House Director for its residential facility on campus in Ames, Iowa for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The House Director fosters and maintains a safe and productive environment for collegiate women through management and oversight of multiple service providers, coordination of maintenance and day-to-day facility management, and supervising the activities of the staff..

The House Director is a live-in position and also includes salary for a twelve month period from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. She is required to remain onsite during the night when the chapter is in the house. The House Director reports to the President of the Chapter House Corporation Board and acts as a liaison between the corporation board, the women living in the house, and the other staff, including but not limited to the chef, housekeeper, waiters and handyman.

The job description follows. Should you have questions about the position, please feel free to call Housing Corporation Board President Dana Wilkinson ( at 563-529-4043 or Julie Huisman ( at 515-708-2538. Applicant must be willing to submit to a comprehensive background check prior to employment. If interested, please send a letter and resume to the following email addresses above or mail to Dana Wilkinson by June 15, 2014.

Dana Wilkinson
14 Oak Park Drive
Bettendorf, Iowa 22722

Alpha Delta Pi - House Director
Job Description

Job Summary
The House Director fosters and maintains a safe, supportive and productive environment for collegiate women through oversight of multiple service providers, coordination of maintenance and day-to-day facility management, and supervising the activities of the staff.

Job Duties
Facility Management
•Interface with the Housing Corporation Board (HC), and provide reports as directed
•Attend monthly Housing Corporation Board meetings
•Manage and coordinate the day to day operations of the physical structure and grounds including cleanliness, safety, security and maintenance; keep maintenance records
•Contact contractors and vendors to repair and maintain the house and adjacent property, and oversee their activities when they are onsite; maintain list of contacts
•Ensure that this work (lawn care, snow removal, etc.) be done on a timely basis
•Keep Housing Corporation Board advised concerning the condition of the house and furnishings and the need for repair and upgrades
•Oversee opening/closing of house, as directed by the HC board
•Participate in annual inventory and ensure that the inventory list is kept current.
•Maintain good relations with university, community and international fraternity – act as liaison for all campus activities involving House Directors
•Maintain an accurate record of dining room and household expenditures; endeavor to stay within the budget set by the corporation, and to turn over any and all bills for payment to the appropriate parties
•Activate emergency drills (fire and tornado) and assist in evacuation or emergencies in the house and contact police, fire, hospital, or other security agencies as necessary in such emergency
•Immediately report any damage, fire, accident, or incident to the corporation
•Screen all solicitors and advise them to contact the Chapter President for an appointment
•Keep HC informed of any inspection of the house by insurance adjusters, fire department agents, university officials, government agents, or others concerned with the maintenance, safety and security of the house, and forward copies of any written reports of same to the corporation; make sure only authorized persons enter the house

Staff Management
•Supervise the activities all household employees and contractors
•Insure that all fair labor and employment laws are followed, through oversight of time worked, overtime, sick leave, and vacation issues
•Work with / oversee kitchen staff in the following areas:
-Interview and hire waiters
-Coordinate chapter activities with chef to ensure that appropriate notice is given to the chef to plan for events requiring food preparation
-Ensure that waiters are completing their job duties to the satisfaction of the chapter and the chef
-Coordinate the opening / closing of the kitchen with the chef as directed by HC
-Put out the breakfast food/juice for the chapter every morning by 7:00 a.m.
-Ensure that the dishwasher is clear and on before the chef arrives in the morning
-Supervise any food service deliveries to the house, organize menu plans with the assistance of kitchen staff and chapter members, submit any meal plans to food servers, order any goods or household supplies

Chapter Relations
•Serve as the chapter hostess and promote gracious living standards
•Complete a weekly “walk through” of the second and third floor rooms to ensure all safety regulations are in compliance; i.e.…no portable space heaters, etc. as well as inspect for reasonable cleanliness, and any forbidden substance. Any infraction impacting safety or deemed illegal should immediately be brought to the attention of the President of HC, as well as the Chapter Advisor and Chapter President.
•Assist in coordinating chapter events between the chapter, staff and alumnae
•Interface with the collegiate chapter House Manager and chapter President
•Provide feedback to the chapter, advisors and HC regarding any regulation violations
•Be available to assist, advise, counsel and refer chapter members to appropriate resources as needed
•Ensure that duties to be performed by chapter members are done in a timely and satisfactory manner
•Whenever possible, attend events that ADPi women participate in, such as Lip Sync, Varieties, etc.
•Provide home like atmosphere and be approachable

Skills and Experience
•Bachelors degree (or equivalent)
•Experience working with Greek Letter Organizations preferred
•Five or more years of post-collegiate work experience in related field preferred
•Experience in property/facilities management, food service, counseling or human services
•Technology skills in Outlook and Excel preferred
•Budget and financial management at an organizational level
•Applicants must be willing to relocate to Ames, Iowa for the duration of the assignment
•Applicants are limited to women only

Personal Attributes
•Excellent customer services skills and ability to communicate effectively across diverse groups including collegians, alumnae, parents, university staff and personnel, community resources, vendors and suppliers
•Effective decision-making skills
•Positive, solution-focused attitude
•Teamwork approach
•Tact and diplomacy
•Time management and organizational skills; ability to manage multiple projects
•Willingness to provide advice, counsel and refer chapter members to appropriate resources as needed
•Ability to be a good listener and to relate with students in relevant terms
•Enjoyment working with college age women, patience, flexibility and a sense of humor

Compensation and Benefits
•Salary commensurate with experience – 12 month contract with the month of June off
•Comprehensive Health Insurance through Iowa State University
•Living Accommodations include a one-bedroom apartment with private bathroom
•Access to the public rooms of the house and parking stall
•Meals at the chapter house including access to the house kitchen
•Utilities, cable TV and internet connection
•University holidays