Pi Beta Phi Chapter House Corporation Univ. of North TX
May 5, 2014
Job Type


The Pi Beta Phi chapter at University of North Texas in Denton, TX is looking for a House Director to begin in August of 2014.

The role played by House Directors ranges from administrator, to hostess, to friend and confidant. Not only does she significantly impact a chapterâ€s living environment, but she can also contribute to the personal development of our members. For this reason, she must assume her responsibilities with an understanding of the attitudes and trends currently influencing campus life and she must always portray herself as a positive role model.

The basic duties are as follows:
1. Facilitate adherence to all rules & regulations as they apply to housing.
2. Be present and available to the chapter and its members.
3. Act as an official hostess
4. Coordinate with the chapter to ensure support of chapter operations and activities.
5. Foster relations with University officials as well as other House Directors and Chapter House Corporations.

House Management Responsibilities
1. Verify bills and give them to the VPF or CHC for payment as needed.
2. Arrange for repairs at the house. All repairmen should be escorted to private areas of the facility.
3. Supervise maintenance of the house and grounds.
4. Assist with the opening and closing of the house at the beginning and end of school sessions/vacations.
5. Maintain an inventory of house equipment and furniture when requested by CHC.
6. Supervise the securing of the house at night in accordance with chapter house rules.
7. Contact the AAC and CHC in case of fire, other damage or theft.
8. Maintain a list by name, location, and telephone number of maintenance and emergency repair personnel.
9. Maintain a list of police, fire and other emergency telephone numbers.
10. Familiarize herself with the Safety & Security Guide for Pi Beta Phi Facilities, which can be obtained from the VPH/HM.
11. Familiarize herself with Pi Beta Phi Emergency Procedures, which can be obtained from the VPH/HM.

Please note that House Director hired for this position will not be required to manage any staff (chef/cook, house boys etc). Because this is a smaller chapter, we do not provide the girls with daily meals. They do have access to a full kitchen as will the House Director.

Please send all inquires to Elizabeth Flewharty at eflewhar@novationco.com. Thank you.