Delta Delta Delta, Nu Chapter
May 9, 2013
Columbus, OH
Job Type


The House Director plays a vital role in the living and learning experiences of the collegiate member of
Tri Delta. She works with the chapter, local house corporation, National House Corporation and the
Fraternity to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for both resident and non-resident
members of the chapter. Some duties of the House Director may vary by chapter depending on the type
of facility the chapter resides in. This job description provides basic responsibilities of the House

General Responsibilities

- The House Director is a direct employee of the chapter.
- The House Director is required to live on the premises and shall not be absent overnight
unless prior authorization from the alumna advisor and chapter president is obtained.
- Follow all Fraternity and chapter policies, procedures and guidelines.
- Establish and maintain a rapport with the chapter in order to successfully manage the daily
operations of the house.
- Report violations of chapter facility rules to the chapter Standards Committee, house
manager and/or advisor. The House Director is not permitted to discipline chapter
- Work closely with the house manager who acts as a liaison between the house director and
- Act as a hostess for sorority events when asked to do so by the chapter.
- Responsible for opening and closing the chapter facility in collaboration with the house
manager and local house corporation before and after each vacation period at the hours
and dates specified by the chapter and their resident contracts.
- Establish an orderly environment through proper supervision of the staff, structure and
- Ensure that the chapter facility is clean, orderly, and free from unnecessary hazards and
Maintenance and House Operations
- Order or purchase with approval all household supplies necessary to properly operate the
facility and supervise the housekeeping, repair, and maintenance to the chapter facility, its
furnishings, equipment and grounds according to established budgetary guidelines.
- Establish and maintain vendor relationships for the procurement of all goods and services
necessary for the efficient running of the house.
- Work with the house manager and local house corporation to respond in a timely manner to
all maintenance requests submitted by chapter members.i Report to the local house corporation any action necessary to properly maintain the chapter
facility, its furnishings and equipment and grounds. Advise when items or supplies need to
be replaced and/or repaired. Recommend capital improvements as needed.
- Oversee the cleaning of the facility and all furnishings as needed during vacation periods
and prior to the opening of the house. This includes the proper storage of supplies and
- Obtain and schedule any required inspections in collaboration with the local house
corporation e.g.; boiler, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, health inspections, etc.

PersonnelManagement and Supervision

- Recruit, hire, train, and supervise household employees including kitchen staff and
housekeeping staff. Be sure to seek the appropriate approvals from the chapter.
- In collaboration with the chapter, establish the job duties and clearly communicate said
duties and expectations to all chapter employees and contract labor.
- Establish work schedules for staff and coordinate vacations and leaves.
- Review all timecards for accuracy and report all staff hours to the chapter Vice
President/Finance on a bi-weekly basis.
- Supervise employee work, oversee employee development and perform any disciplinary
action if needed. Be sure to see the appropriate approvals from the chapter.
- Maintain accurate and complete employee records, including, but not limited to, job
applications, hire date, contact information, payroll hours, employee evaluations and
feedback reports, termination date, emergency contact, and unemployment documents.

Dining Procedures

- In collaboration with the chapter, oversee the operation of dining services, including menu
preparation and purchasing. Menu planning should incorporate the feedback and
preferences of the collegians to the extent that it is reasonable and feasible, and will provide
balanced nutritional meals for the members.
- Assist kitchen staff in ordering food and supplies from vendors.
- Hire and train the food service staff. Ensure that all necessary food handling certificates
have been obtained.
- Coordinate formal dinner requirements and special events with chapter officers when
- Regularly inventory food and supplies.
- Ensure that food purchased is for meal plans only and not chapter activities.