Beta Theta Pi - Alpha Chapter Housing Company
November 7, 2017
Job Type


Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi

House Director

Position Description


The primary function of the House Director (HD) is to support the mission and vision of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity through providing leadership in community development, administration, advising, counseling, and crisis management of the fraternity house. The HD works collaboratively to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and flourishing environment for the academic and personal growth of the students within the chapter house. The HD reports to the Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi House Corporation (“House Corporation”).


  • Education / Development (40%)
  1. Provide academic initiative programs, leadership development workshops and programs, safety programs, and other programs that serve the educational, cultural, and social needs of the fraternity members
  2. Assist the chapter in coordinating chapter events and functions in the house
  3. Serve as a resource for students regarding campus support services and services in the local community
  4. Promote an academically supportive environment by intervening with students who are at risk due to academic or social concerns and by recognizing academic efforts and achievements.
  5. Have intentional interactions with all residents
  6. Promote an inclusive, welcoming environment that celebrates an appreciation for diversity within the house
  7. Engage in a restorative approach to student conduct by helping students understand their responsibilities as members of the fraternity
  8. Seek out and participate regularly in professional development opportunities, both on and off campus
  9. Apply what is learned from these education/development opportunities to the position


  • Administration (20%)
  1. Oversee all aspects of house administration including room assignments and transfers, maintenance reporting, key inventories, room condition reports, coordinating house inspections, monitoring life safety systems, and coordinating "opening and closing" of the facility according to University requirements and standards
  2. Manage program revenue and expenditures
  3. File judicial reports, program reports, and other documents in a timely manner
  4. Represent student needs by following-up on their concerns and questions promptly and personally, and communicate specific issues to your supervisor or other appropriate offices
  5. Complete safety and security-related administrative tasks such as conducting periodic fire safety checks to ensure compliance with fire safety policies, documenting incidents when they occur, and maintaining the card access system



  • Risk Management (20%)
  1. Interpret and enforce university policy, which includes advising fraternity members in self-governance and conducting disciplinary hearings with students
  2. Ensure that effective crisis management procedures are in place, including procedures for fire and weather-related emergencies
  3. Educate residents on campus emergency procedures including house evacuation and fire alarm procedures
  4. Respond appropriately in the event of a crisis situation, including contacting appropriate individuals and providing support for residents
  5. Participate in on-call coverage for the area. Complete regular rounds through the facilities as required
  6. Provide on-site monitoring of residential facilities by living full-time in the chapter house


  • Liaison / Communication (20%)
  1. Serve as a liaison between the university, fraternity members, the House Corporation, external constituents
  2. Actively engage and foster a relationship with Miami University, specifically the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  3. Maintain timely and open communication with the House Corporation board members and serve as a liaison to parent groups
  4. Work with the chapter executive board to ensure the house runs smoothly
  5. Maintain good relationships with the offices that provide services to the house, such as maintenance, housekeeping, etc.
  6. Communicate information promptly and accurately to supervisors; keep supervisors up-to-date regarding any on-going issues in the house