Omega Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta
March 18, 2019
Berkeley, CA, CA
Job Type


Omega Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta
Facility Director Job Description

• Maintain a full-time residence at the facility from July 30th, 2019 to May 31st, 2020 and oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility.

• Supervise the upkeep of the facility (be present and supervise staff members and maintenance workers to perform upkeep and/or repairs) and regularly inspect and report structural and maintenance problems to the Chapter and Facility Corporation Board.

• Supervise and direct the operations of the kitchen by advising meal planning and directing purchases of food and supplies (in cooperation with the Cook).

• Supervise the safety of the facility and all its operations. Maintain a safe residence for the members of the chapter. Direct the response to any emergency or other threat to the safety of the facility and Chapter members.

• Record all purchases; carefully and accurately prepare books of accounts; maintain budgetary requirements set forth by the Chapter CFO and Facility Corporation Board; oversee and direct use of discretionary funds as so budgeted.

• Communicate regularly with the Chapter officers and the Facility Corporation Board; attend monthly Facility Corporation Board meetings.

• Be responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of the Cook, Housekeeper and cleaners, House Manager, kitchen staff and all other hired employees at the facility. Collect employee time records for hours worked and submit information to payroll service so that pay checks may be processed.

• Supervise the Chapter members on issues related to safety and the facility.

• Preside/attend over social functions of the Chapter as the occasions arise.

• Provide an example for an overall atmosphere of gracious and orderly living in the House.

• Provide counseling and accessibility to Chapter officers and members as the occasions arise.