Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority
April 11, 2017
Job Type


Job Description 


This position is primarily responsible for Chapter Facility safety, maintenance and upkeep, supervision of facility staff (if applicable) in addition to maintaining positive relationships with chapter members and vendors by performing the following duties.

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities

Core duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Ensure the safety and security of facility residents through the coordination of day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of chapter facility.
    • Notify the local facility advisory committee (LFAC) and Facilities Management Company (FMC) professional staff regarding major items needing attention.
    • Seek approval from FMC professional staff for repair and maintenance to the facility in the event a situation requires immediate attention and/or an incident or service incurs a cost of over $500.
    • Supervise activities of vendors or workmen onsite.
    • Responsible for securely managing facility access and entry for residents and chapter members.
  • Keep FMC professional staff and LFAC informed of any inspection of the facility by insurance adjusters, fire department agents, university officials, government agents, or others concerned with the maintenance, safety and security of the house. Forward copies of any written reports to FMC professional staff and make appropriate notation in the monthly Facility Director report.
  • Ensure only authorized persons enter the facility.
  • Work with FMC professional staff to oversee groundskeepers and other contractors for lawn and garden maintenance, tree trimming and gutter cleaning as necessary.
  • Attend to emergency repairs and notify FMC professional staff and LFAC immediately to report any damage, fire, accident or incident.
  • Keep accurate records of all maintenance items, purchases and warranty items.
  • Order, manage, maintain and inventory household supplies.
    • If a housekeeping service is utilized, ensure supplies used for cleaning are outlined in the service contract.
  • Ensure all service companies working for the facility present a current Certificate of Insurance prior to beginning any work at the facility.
    • Retain all copies of Certificate of Insurance and workman’s comp insurance.
  • Maintain household accounts, as specified by the LFAC and FMC professional staff.
    • Receive, verify and submit any bills for payment to FMC professional staff.
    • Keep accurate records for employee credit card reconciliation.
  • Coordinate food service operations to the facility (if applicable).
    • Order, manage, inventory and maintain household food and supplies
    • Organize menu plans in consultation with the chapter house manager, food committee and/or Food Service Provider (if applicable). Provide menu plans in advance, and adjust based on chapter member dietary needs or feedback.
    • In conjunction with the chapter house manager, oversee guest meal sign in to ensure the proper policy/procedure is followed.
    • Ensure that meals are served and made available as specified in chapter members’ housing agreements. Seek approval from chapter house manager and chapter president for any deviation in the meal plan.
  • Supervise activities of facility employees (if applicable).
    • Keep accurate records and timesheets for all employees.
    • Partner with FMC professional staff for all human resources related activities regarding legal compliance, hiring, payroll, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Additional Job Functions

  • Submit monthly Facility Director Report to FMC professional staff.
  • Attend to opening and closing of the facility each term as directed by the FMC.
  • Comply with university regulations and reports as required.
  • Meet weekly with the chapter president, facility manager and other relevant officers.
  • Attend LFAC meetings as requested and provide any necessary reports.
  • Obtain social calendar from facility manager, and address any scheduling conflicts as needed.
  • Act as official hostess for the chapter, creating a gracious atmosphere.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with the collegiate chapter members, and report any concerns to the appropriate FMC professional staff member or Sorority volunteer.