Delta Chi House Corporation of Sigma Kappa Sorority
August 15, 2022
920 North Chowning Avenue, Edmond, Oklahoma
Job Type


The Resident House Director is the official hostess of the chapter house and must possess superb managerial and communications skills. She must be comfortable working closely with collegiate women, alumnae volunteers, staff, and vendors/contractors. The House Director must also understand the need for discretion and maintaining confidentiality. She must be accessible and approachable. Attention to detail and careful record-keeping are also important attributes.



  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in business, human resources, hospitality or related field;
  2. minimum 25 years of age; and
  3. possess a valid driver’s license.
  4. Must be physically active and able to perform normal physical functions, including lifting, bending and stretching.


  1. Previous experience as a sorority house director and/or working with college students.

SUMMARY: The role played by house directors ranges from manager to hostess, to friend and confidant. She significantly impacts a chapter’s living environment and can also contribute to the personal development of our members. For this reason, she must assume her responsibilities with an understanding of the attitudes and trends currently influencing campus life and she must always portray herself as a positive role model.

The House Director schedule requires 35 hours a week and works on a flex schedule from August until May (40 weeks) at the close of school.  She does not have to remain in residence when the school is not in session for major Holidays and Spring Break but receives pay during those vacation breaks.  Residency during the summary is provided. She records and submits her hours on a two-week schedule.  Minimum starting salary is $15.00 per hour (negotiable based on experience).  A gas allowance is available if applicable.