AXO-Beta Epsilon
August 15, 2017
Job Type


JOB DESCRIPTION: Alpha Chi Omega seeks a dynamic, honest, organized and caring individual to fill the role of chapter House Director. The House Director shall be employed by the chapter throughout the year, and the House Director’s primary duties will be during the school year, roughly late August to early May. The chapter shall provide room, board and meals for the House Director. Residence within the House Director apartment is negotiable during the summer and school breaks. Weekend vacations during the school year are negotiable. The House Director salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience.


The main duties of the House Director shall include:

§  Managing the food service at the chapter house, including the cook and busboys, overseeing purchase of food, managing the food budget, and overseeing kitchen and dining room cleanliness. Overseeing hiring of the busboys in partnership with the cook.§  Managing the housekeeping, including hiring and supervising the housekeeper and others as needed.§  Submitting employee paperwork and payroll to the chapter’s financial advisor in a timely manner. Maintaining the records and their confidentiality.§  Coordinating, documenting, and managing routine maintenance and inspection needs in partnership with the House Corporation Board, the body that owns and oversees the chapter house.§  Documenting and reporting major maintenance needs to the House Corporation Board and attending their monthly meetings as requested.§  Performing other maintenance-related duties, such as contacting maintenance services (i.e., a plumber) and arranging for such a maintenance crew to be escorted through the chapter house in case of an emergency. The House Director shall have authority to call maintenance herself for small and emergency maintenance issues, but shall notify the chapter house corporation board Executive Director, the Chapter Advisor and the House Manager. In all other cases, she shall report concerns to the House Corporation Board.  §  Working with the House Corporation Board, Chapter Advisor, and the Vice President Facility Operations to coordinate the opening and closing of the house at the beginning and ends of school year terms and breaks (i.e., Winter Break).§  Working with the chapter officers (i.e., President, Vice President Facility Operastions, etc.) to coordinate special events at the chapter house that will affect food service and/or the cleaning schedule. These include, but are not limited to, Recruitment, Homecoming, Dad's Day, Founders Day, Safe Halloween, State Day, Holiday Dinner, Greek Week Activities, Mom's Day, etc. §  Working with chapter officers to update the House Rules annually. The House Director shall report violations of the House Rules to the Chapter Advisor, Chapter President, Vice President Facility Operations, and/or Vice President-Chapter Relations and Standards.§  Representing Alpha Chi Omega at campus meetings and some events as appropriate, including all-House Director board meetings and initiatives.§  Performing other duties as the official house hostess as needed and determined in advance of such an occasion. The House Director will essentially act on behalf of Alpha Chi Omega sorority in these cases.The House Director shall report directly to the Chapter Advisor. The House Director shall keep in contact weekly with the Chapter Advisor via telephone and e-mail to give updates on the house, report any problems and discuss any issues that arise. She shall have a positive working relationship with the House Corporation Board of the chapter, the officers and members of the chapter, and the chapter’s employees and will be expected to communicate well with both groups. The House Director should expect to be asked by the officers to leave the chapter house during certain fraternity activities, and will do so accordingly. In general, the House Director is expected to maintain smooth operations at the chapter facility and foster a safe, warm, inviting, comfortable, collaborative, home-like atmosphere. The ideal candidate will serve as a model of professionalism and kindness, understanding of the students’ needs while also maintaining authority, well-liked and respected by all. The ability to communicate well and constructively and to remain calm under pressure will be invaluable in this role.The House Director will be evaluated annually by the Chapter Advisor, in conjunction with chapter officers and the House Corporation Board. The House Director should expect an evaluation in the spring in advance of the renegotiation of her annual agreement. Resumes and cover letters can be emailed to: