Alpha Phi - Epsilon Chapter
September 14, 2018
Job Type


Position Summary

We are looking for a long-term House Director. Only serious applicants either in or willing to move to Minneapolis should apply.  Thank you!

The principal duties of the House Director are to manage the proper care, operations and maintenance of the Epsilon Chapter House of Alpha Phi (the “chapter house”) in accordance with the health, safety and fire codes of the city of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the State of Minnesota and the housing policies of the Epsilon House Corporation Board, Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Inc.

The House Director will oversee the day-to-day operation of the chapter house including management of personnel, coordination of contractors, vendors and service providers, while staying within the provided budget. The House Director will also serve as a liaison with the University and hostess to the chapter house, when requested. The nature of the House Director’s duties is such that both she and the board of directors of Epsilon House Corporation Board (“HCB”) must plan carefully to control and anticipate the number of hours to be worked each week. The duties necessitate significant variations in daily hours of work.



  • Ensure the facility is run in such a way that shall protect the safety, health, and well-being of all members
  • Protect and support the positive reputation of Alpha Phi, including its individual members, the chapter and all volunteers and staff on the University of Minnesota University campus and the Minneapolis community
  • Keep all Alpha Phi information, business, and member practices in strictest confidentiality.  This includes private member actions or information, all chapter information or practices and all information related the operation of the chapter or facility.  Respect for individual privacy and dignity is expected from all staff.
  • Ensure that a positive, working relationship is formed with vendors, staff, and collegiate members, such that those entities do not feel lesser than or degraded. The house director must work diligently to watch her tone of voice, body language, and mannerisms when communicating requests and asking questions.
  • Operate the facility within the confines of the budget allocated for food, supplies, linens/tabletop and repairs.  Regular consultation with the HCB president, HCB treasurer, and/or accountant is expected.


Work Hours

  • A total of 20 regular Office Hours will be established and posted for the chapter during traditional (9am to 5pm) business hours.  Casual support of the facility and/or members are expected during an additional 20 hours per week.
  • On Call hours will be required as needed or called upon to perform the principal priorities of the job.  This includes staying overnight at the chapter house during all times when members are present in the facility and responding to emergency or pressing member or facility needs as they arise outside of regular Office Hours. Except in the case of an emergency, the House Director must obtain written permission from the House Corporation before working hours during any week in excess of the number set forth above. The House Director will be paid for all hours worked regardless of whether she received permission to do so. However, if the House Director works additional hours without permission, she may be subject to discipline, up to and including the termination of her employment.
  • The House Director agrees that all other time during the week is “off-the-clock” time for sleeping or personal activities and pursuits inside or outside the chapter facility and will not be considered hours worked performing duties under the House Director Position Description.
  • A contact system will be developed with chapter officers, the HCB and other staff members when away from the facility.  The HD will be responsible for updating emergency contacts with alarm services, etc. whenever she is not able to be the primary contact.

Essential Functions

  • Assure the facility meets all fire, safety and health department requirements at all times, seeking the support of chapter officers, HCB or advisory board when necessary.
  • Easily able to ascend and descend 3 flights of stairs routinely throughout the day.
  • Able to lift items weighing up to 30 pounds.
  • Manage, supervise and act as a gracious hostess for the chapter house.
  • Work independently.
  • Give and receive written and verbal instructions in a clear and professional manner.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, email, online ordering, faxing, scanning and vendor management.
  • Reside in the chapter house during regular academic terms and be available for vendor access for needed and scheduled repairs and special events during academic breaks.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary range competitive, depending on experience
  • Live-in housing package with private apartment and includes utilities, cable, WiFi and laundry
  • Personal parking space
  • All meals provided when the collegians are in the house
  • Vacation and Holiday time based on University schedule
  • This is a smake, alcohol, animal and firearms free environment

Please submit your compensation requirements when you apply.