Alpha Delta Pi Sorority - University of Nebraska
May 10, 2019
Lincoln, Nebraska
Job Type


Alpha Epsilon Chapter - Alpha Delta Pi

House Director Position Overview

The Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) House Director fosters and maintains a safe and productive environment for residents through oversight of multiple service providers, coordination of routine maintenance and day-to-day facility management and supervising the activities of the household employees.  She must possess superb managerial and communication skills and be comfortable working closely with collegiate woman, alumnae volunteers, staff, vendors and contractors. This position will also serve as facilities management for the sorority house. The House Director must also understand the need for discretion and maintaining confidentiality. She must be accessible and approachable. The House Director problem solves in conjunction with and provides feedback to the housing team (to Include chapter and National representatives). The ADPi House Director will promote gracious living standards, ensuring the chapter house remains a clean, orderly, and safe environment, as well as acting as liaison for all campus activities involving house directors and enforcing house rules and regulations as mandated by the collegiate chapter, national organization, and university. Listed below is a more comprehensive breakdown of responsibilities:


Skills and Attributes

The House Director must possess the following skills and attributes:

  • Proven ability to manage, direct, control, implement, and monitor all aspects of the house operations.
  • Ability to work independently and maintain confidential information.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and with a positive solution-focused attitude.
  • Professional and diplomatic interactions with students, parent, alumnae, service providers and community resources.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, particularly with college-age women, including patience, flexibility, and a sense of humor.
  • Knowledgeable in social and business etiquette. Will serve as the facility hostess for events and with guests. Our house director must be able to be a good representative of ADPi on campus and in the community and should be able to set a good example for chapter members.



The House Director responsibilities are as follows:

  • Oversee facility and landscape management:
    • Open and close the facility while checking members in and out
    • Annual inventory of ADPi House Corporation Property
    • Coordinate minor repairs/maintenance and house contracts (including cleaning contract) by gathering quotes from vendors and following up to make sure work completed satisfactorily
    • Maintain a directory of vendors, work completed, and costs paid
    • Prepare and maintain annual calendar of maintenance
    • Water potted plants daily or as needed and make sure all lawncare/snow removal performed in accordance to the contracts
  • Oversee food service and kitchen management:
    • Hire dishwashers and hashers and work closely with the Chef
    • Annual inventory of Kitchen Equipment
    • If applicable, assist with meal planning
  • Interaction with the Chapter and the House Board:
    • Meet with the House Corporation (HC) monthly and provide a written report one week prior to the HC Board meeting showing all work completed in the last 30 days and all work needing to be completed in the next 60 days
    • Make yourself available and keep your door open at posted times of the day
    • Ensure a pleasant dining room experience by attending meals
    • Promote good manners and proper etiquette while setting a good example
    • Develop and nurture a good relationship with the chapter members, alumnae, parents, and school administrators
    • Serve as official hostess held at chapter house except for ritual functions
    • Attend functions when invited by chapter
    • Maintain a strict code of confidentiality


Physical Requirements

The House Director must be able to speak, hear, see, write, type, dial, reach and bend, walk up and down stairs multiple times a day, and lift up to 30 pounds.